Programme specifications


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According to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), a programme specification is 'a concise description of the intended outcomes of learning from a higher education programme, and the means by which these outcomes are achieved and demonstrated.'

The QAA regards programme specifications as a source of information for potential students and employers.

The School publishes a complete set of programme specifications. These are set out below by level of award and are also organised by Department.

Updating programme specifications

A programme specification needs to be completed when a new programme is approved. Existing specifications need to be updated if a programme is amended, say, as a result of Departmental review activity (i.e. in light of developments in the discipline, or in response to feedback from students or external examiners).

Most of the information set out in programme specifications is identical to that set out in the relevant programme regulations and course guides. The programme and course proposal forms that the USSC, GSSC or RDSC consider will also contain useful information that can be used in programme specifications.

Sections 10 ('The programme aims to:') and 11 ('Programme outcomes') require some new information. You might find the following documents helpful when completing/updating these sections: