LGBT+ role models and allies

Why do we have an LGBT+ Role Models and Allies Directory?

Did you know that the Gay Liberation Front was founded at LSE on 13 October 1970? Or that LSE Library holds the Hall-Carpenter Archives, one of Britain’s biggest LGBT collections of images and ephemera?

Today, discrimination against LGBT+ people is still rife despite great strides made toward equality. LSE is a proud member of leading charity Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions Programme and, like Stonewall, we know that people perform better at work if they can be themselves. We believe that improving the experience for LGBT+ people at LSE will improve the experience for everyone.

Role models

Whether you’re a new starter who happens to be LGBT+ or a long-term member of staff, you’re not alone. From department managers to counsellors, librarians and systems analysts, LGBT+ staff members work in all kinds of jobs at LSE – so whatever your part of LSE, there’s plenty to be inspired by. Being an LGBT+ role model at LSE is really just about being a visible member of the LGBT+ community and a champion for LGBT+ issues.

Meet LSE’s LGBT+ role models (access limited to members of LSE).


Allies are very important because they are people who do not identify as LGBT+ but are willing to take a stand to promote and support LGBT+ equality. LSE’s LGBT+ allies have all attended Stonewall’s Allies training.

LGBT+ allies at LSE are committed to ensuring that LGBT+ staff and students are treated equally and with dignity and respect, with no exceptions.

Meet LSE's LGBT+ allies (access limited to members of LSE).

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