Student Switch Off

Student Switch-Off is a national campaign encouraging student action on climate change. Students living in halls compete to save energy, and pick up prizes (think Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, Lush goodies...) along the way.

To take part join the LSE Student Switch-Off Facebook group, and get started by following the top tips below!

How to save energy: four top tips

1. Switch off lights and appliances

It's pretty simple - if you're not using it, switch it off. Job done.

2. Layer up and turn the heating down

A jumper adds 3 degrees of warmth to your body, whilst turning up the heating 1 degree increases heating costs by up to 10%. 

3. Don't overfill the kettle

Save time and energy by only boiling the water you need for one cup of tea.

4. Put a lid on it!

Putting a lid on the pan as you cook your food reduces the energy needed to cook your food by up to 90% 

So what difference does it actually make?

Since 2012-13, LSE students have cut halls energy use by an average of 6.8% compared with our 2010-12 baseline. Over the past four years that's a total of 461,385 kWh of energy, the equivalent of £39,810. More importantly that's a whopping 246 tonnes of CO2!

Check out our latest Student Switch Off Report for more facts and figures about how we did last year. 

Questions? Contact Residencies Sustainability Officer Dan Reeves,