Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is a committee of the Court.

Minutes, agendas and other papers are only available on a regular basis to committee members. If you are a staff member and want to request them, please contact the Committee Secretary using the contact details below.

If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request for them, please contact the School's Records Manager:

Terms of Reference


1. To establish criteria for recommendation to the Court of Governors, for selection and discontinuation of the full range of lay and honorific appointments within the School;

2. To search for those whom the School might wish to appoint to

  • Lay Governorship
  • Lay membership of the Council
  • Honorary Fellowship• Honorary Doctorate
  • Lay Chairmanships and lay membership of School committees and other bodies
  • To establish and to oversee nominations procedures for Queens Honours.

3. To advise the Council about lay membership of its committees;

4. To advise the Court of Governors about lay membership of the Council and about such other grades or honorific appointment as the School may wish from time to time to establish and on the conditions under which such appointments might be held;

5. In the case of Governorships and lay Chairmanships and memberships of School committees and other bodies, to consider names which it might wish to elect or discontinue, and to make recommendations to the Court of Governors and such other committees as may be appropriate;

6. The Committee will bring to the Court recommendations in respect of the renewal or discontinuation of terms of office for incumbent Chairs and Vice Chairs, having taken such soundings as necessary to inform their recommendations.

7. The Nominations Committee would not interfere in Academic Board or Students' Union nominations.

8. The Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Court on the full range of lay and honorific appointments within the School.

Status: Committee of the Court 

Secretary: Rachel Knight 

Frequency of meetings: Three times a year - October, January and May 

Membership structure

Ex officio Members: 

  • Chairman of the Court of Governors (Chairman)
  • The DirectorGeneral Secretary of the Students' Union Members nominated and appointed by the Court
    • Length of office: 3 years, renewable once 3 non-Council lay governors Member nominated by Council and appointed by the Court Length of office: 3 years, renewable once
  • 1 Council lay governor Members nominated by the Academic Board and appointed by the Court:
    • Length of office: 3 years, renewable once 
  • 1 ex-officio academic member of Council
  • 2 nominees of the Academic Board not on Court Members nominated by the Academic Governors and appointed by the Court
    • Length of office: 3 years, renewable once 
  • 1 of the Academic Board nominated Academic Governors 

Revised March 2016.




Term of office

Dame Shirely Pearce

Chair of the Court of Governors

Ex officio

Professor Julia Black


Ex officio

Ms Busayo Twins

General Secretary of the Students’ Union

Ex officio

Professor Emily Jackson

Vice-Chair of the Academic Board

Ex officio

Mr Neil Gaskell

Non-Council Lay Governor

1 Aug 2015 – 31 Jul 2018

Mr Jeffrey Golden

Non-Council Lay Governor

1 Aug 2015 – 31 Jul 2018

Ms Virginia Beardshaw

Lay Governor on Court (Acting Vice-Chair)

1 Aug 2012 – 31 Jul 2018*

Professor Kevin Featherstone

Academic Member (not on the Court)

1 Aug 2015 – 31 Jul 2018

Rachel Knight




*second term.

Schedule of Meetings

  • 10 October 2017, 17:00, CON 7.05 
  • 31 January 2018, 17:00, CON 7.05
  • 8 May 2018, 17:00, CON 7.05

Queen's Honours

Call for nominations

Nominations are invited for the award of a Queen’s Honour (which include MBE, OBE, CBE etc ). Do you know someone who has given outstanding service to the School (either as a member of staff or in a voluntary capacity) who in your opinion has:

  • made a real impact on the School/ our students
  • gained the respect of their peers
  • changed things for the better at the School
  • demonstrated innovation or
  • brought distinction to British life and enhanced its reputation through their work for the School?

The Honours process is managed by the Honours and Appointments Secretariat of the Cabinet Office, with honours awarded to a wide range of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in their working lives or in a voluntary capacity. Honours are bestowed twice a year, at New Year and on Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday in June.

Although individuals are able to submit nominations for Honours direct to the Cabinet Office, nominations sent by the School through Universities UK (UUK) or the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) may have more chance of favourable consideration.

Many areas of service are recognised by Queen’s Honours, including work for charitable causes, or in the local community. However, nominations channelled through HEFCE/UUK are for services to higher education. The School’s Nominations Committee will consider how individuals have served this cause, with particular reference to the School.

It should be stressed that the awards are not within the gift of the School. There is a long lead-in period between the date for submission through HEFCE/UUK and the appearance of the Honours lists. We do not receive feedback from HEFCE/UUK once a nomination has been submitted; and will only know if a nomination has been successful when the official lists are published in the media. The nomination may remain live for a number of years.

Strict confidentiality at all stages is crucial, as any breach may jeopardise the possibility of an award being made. The person nominated should not be informed that their name has been put forward for consideration.

When considering nominations, please bear in mind that you should know the individual well enough to be able to provide a citation explaining why you consider him/ her to be worthy of consideration for an award. The Governance Team can assist you in developing such a citation, if that would be helpful. Further letters of support for an individual would eventually be required and we would look to the nominator to suggest who might be approached to provide supporting statements.

Awards recognise lifetime achievement but the nominee must still be involved in the activity for which they are nominated (i.e. in the case of a colleague she/he should still be in post rather than retired; in the case of a Governor she/he should still be actively involved in the work of the School). 

Process and timetable

Names suggested by members of the School are firstly considered by the Nominations Committee of the Court of Governors (comprising elected academic, student and lay governors), who decide who will be put forward through UUK or HEFCE in any given round. Ordinarily, the School will only submit one name in each Honours class per year.

Suggestions may be made, in confidence, to the Governance Team, Governance, Legal & Policy Division, 3rd floor, 1 Kingsway 1KW 3.01 (  020 7955 6811). Please complete the brief nomination form.



Contact details

Rachel Knight
Tel: +44 (020) 7955 6811