Career Development Review

set objectives, explore development needs, discuss career aspirations

What is the Career Development Review?

The Career Development Review Scheme (CDR) for professional services staff is an annual review designed to allow you and your line manager:

  • set objectives
  • review performance against the last year’s objectives
  • explore development needs
  • discuss career aspirations

For further information, please refer to our Career Development Review Guidance.

How often should Career Development Reviews be carried out?

The CDR is an annual meeting, with an accompanying 6 month review. They should ideally be held in January to March and/or July to September every year (this will depend on what the relevant timing is for each Division/Department). 

As an option the reviewee may wish to seek additional feedback from others. Feedback form can be found here.

How is the meeting recorded?

We've provided a form to help you and your line manager record the meeting. Once completed, the form should be uploaded to the LSE Sharepoint site.

If you have any further queries regarding the CDR process for professional services staff, please contact