APRC Reviews

Departments & Institutes

In order to inform resource distribution and assess that plans are in line with the School’s overall objectives, the APRC undertakes reviews of the performance of Departments and Institutes

Departments and Institutes

APRC Department Reviews emphasise evidence-based decision-making to ensure that current and proposed developments are in keeping with the strategic priorities of the School, that quality is high, and that investments are wise. Furthermore, APRC Reviews will identify features of departmental practice from which other Departments and Professional Service Divisions can learn.

The review process for Academic Departments and Institutes has two main elements:

  • Annual Monitoring meetings between Heads/Directors of academic units and the Provost/Pro-Directors informed by the Departmental Profiles.
  • APRC Departmental Reviews undertaken on a five year cycle by a panel chaired by the Vice-Chair of APRC with representation from APRC, Academic and Student Affairs Committee, Research Committee and external members.