Academic Nominations Committee

Minutes, agendas and other papers are only available on a regular basis to committee members. If you are a staff member and want to request them, please contact the Committee Secretary using the contact details below. If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request for them, contact the School's Records Manager:

Terms of Reference

  1. To appoint academic office holders and chairs of committees for which the Academic Board is the appointing authority; 
  2. To fill vacancies on School committees which have been designated for Academic Board members. In those cases where no nominations are received for vacancies on particular committees, the VCAB and Secretary of the Academic Nominations Committee, acting on behalf of ANC, shall generate names randomly from an electronic database of all eligible candidates, providing that gender targets have been met;
  3. To develop and implement equitable, transparent and efficient procedures for identifying and appointing academic office holders, chairs of committees, and committee members, which includes promoting equality and diversity and pursuing equality targets agreed by the Academic Board;
  4. To co-ordinate long- term succession planning for academic office holders and committee memberships;
  5. To establish a committee for the selection of the Vice-Chair of the Academic Board, and to endorse the recommendation of that committee prior to its submission to the Academic Board. The selection committee shall comprise a Pro-Director, two academic members of the Academic Nominations Committee other than the current VCAB, and a further representative of the Academic Board, and shall be chaired by one of the Academic Nominations Committee members;




Term of office

Professor Emily Jackson

VCAB (Chair)

ex officio

Professor Mike Power

Group 1 Member of the Academic Board

21 Oct 2015 – 31 Jul 2018

Dr Nick Kitchen

Group 2 Member of the Academic Board

1 Aug 2016 – 31 Jul 2019

Professor Luc Bovens

Group 3 Member of the Academic Board

23 Oct 2012 – 31 Jul 2018

Professor Clare Hemmings

Group 4 Member of the Academic Board

2 Mar 2016 – 31 Jul 2019

Dr Jo Braithwaite

Group 5 Member of the Academic Board

27 Oct 2015 – 31 Jul 2018


Student Member



Meeting Schedule

  • 4 October 2017, 12:00, TBA
  • 8 November 2017, 14:00, NAB.8.01  
  • 31 January 2018, 14:00, NAB8.01
  • 16 May 2018, 14:00, NAB8.01


Current ANC appointments and vacancies (PDF)