Chair and Vice Chair Selection Committee

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Terms of Reference

1. It shall be the duty of the Selection Committee to consider any actual or impending vacancy in the office of Chair or Vice Chairs of the Council and Court of Governors, save that the Committee shall not be required to consider the annual election of the Chair or Vice Chairs unless either shall have given notice that s/he is not willing to be elected for a further year; to make such enquiries as they may think fit, and to make recommendations to the Court of Governors for the filling of such vacancies as may occur.

2. The members of the Committee shall solicit suggestions from all members of the School, as to the kind of person who should be appointed and as to particular individuals who might be considered for appointment.

3. In the course of their deliberations, the members of the Committee shall discreetly ascertain the views of other members of the Court of Governors and of the academic staff. Before making a recommendation to the Court of Governors, the Committee shall ascertain that the person named in their recommendations is willing to be considered.


  • Independent Chair, selected by the Court on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee
  • One Lay Council member (excluding the Chair of Court and Council and the two Vice Chairs of Court)
  • 3 (non Council) Lay Governors
  • 3 members of the academic staff nominated by the Academic Board, including one   who is an academic governor (and member of both Court and Council) at the time of his/her nomination
  • General Secretary of the Students' Union

Period of Office

All members of the Selection Committee shall serve three years and consider such elections of the Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the Court of Governors as may arise during that time. Members may be re-elected for a second three year term of office by offering themselves, with other candidates, but if so re-elected, will stand down for three years at the end of their second three year period. 

Revised December 2015.




Term of office

Ms Bronwyn Curtis

Lay Governor (Chairman)

10 December 2015-31 July 2018

Ms Busayo Twins

LSE SU General Secretary

Ex officio

Ms Harriet Spicer

Lay Council member

17 March 2016-31 July 2017

Ms Jagdip Jagpal

Lay Governor

15 March 2012-31 July 2018*

Dr Daleep Mukarji

Lay Governor


17 March 2016 – 31 July 2019

Dr Elizabeth Vallance

Lay Governor


17 March 2016-31 July 2019

Professor Wendy Sigle

Academic Member


17 March 2016-31 July 2019

Professor Bernhard Von Stengel

Academic Member


17 March 2016-31 July 2019

Professor Jason Alexander

Academic Governor


1 Aug 2013-31 July 2018*



*Second and final term

Schedule of Meetings

Details to be provided when made avaliable. 

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