About the Educational Strategy Unit

LSE’s Educational Strategy Unit was established in August 2016 to support
the delivery and progress of the LSE Education Strategy. We work across
the two streams of activity through which the Education Strategy is being
implemented – academic departments’ Departmental Education Strategies
and the education-related work of LSE’s professional services – and undertake
work of our own, particularly in advocacy and research, that contributes to the
development and communication of educational strategy and policy.

We work closely with colleagues across the School, in particular the Pro-Director Education and those in the Academic Registrar’s Division, Communications Division and fellow Academic and Professional Development Division units, as well as with academic departments, to deliver this work.

LSE Education Strategy 2015-2020 co-ordination

The ESU co-ordinates the planning of activity and reporting of progress on LSE Education Strategy 2015-2020. This is done principally through the LSE Education Strategy Project Board, which we service, and through administration of the Departmental Education Strategies process. For more information on LSE’s Education Strategy 2015-2020, and to read the Strategy itself, see our LSE Education Strategy 2015-2020 page.

Communication and promotion of education at LSE

Working with colleagues across the School, the ESU plans and delivers activity that promotes education at LSE, including student engagement projects. Additionally, we host regular events with departmental colleagues about LSE's Education Strategy and broader policy and practice, run the annual Education Symposium and education awards celebrations, publish the LSE Education Blog, contribute to films for students, share features about LSE teaching and write formal updates on Education Strategy activity.

Research and advocacy

The Educational Strategy Unit carries out research on an ongoing and ad hoc basis to support work in education at LSE. Examples of our work include:

  • Longitudinal survey of perceptions and expectations of LSE students
  • Sector benchmarking exercises on topics such as the structure of the academic year, in-year re-sit policies, assessment methods and peer programmes as part of Programme Review
  • Analysis of nomination reasons for LSE education awards in 2016/17
  • Survey mapping
  • Student perceptions of NSS questions introduced in 2016
  • Focus groups on student experience

For copies of research, or to find out more about current and future research, contact esu@lse.ac.uk.

Education awards

The ESU supports the promotion of reward and recognition for educational contribution at LSE through the School’s education awards.

Funding for educational activity

ESU administers the LSE Pro-Director Education Vision Fund which supports projects that enhance the educational experiences of LSE's taught students.

ESU's work in 2016/17 and plans for 2017/18

You can find out more about our work in 2016/17, and our plans for 2017/18 in the ESU section of the Academic and Professional Development Division's annual report.