LSE Students' Union Teaching Excellence Awards

In 2017 these awards attracted over 1100 nominations from students. They are designed to recognise everyone who makes outstanding contributions to the education of students at LSE, from teachers who love to share knowledge, encourage research and offer great feedback, to staff who mentor students and foster lively and welcoming departmental communities. The 2017 winners are listed below.

SU teaching awards 1

Excellent Feedback and Communication


Federico Picinali (Law)

Federico literally returns my formative mark less than 24 hours after sending it. He comments on every paragraph detailing what was good about it and what needed clarification/improvement. At the end of the essay, he gives you several bullet points with a practical things you can do to get better e.g. read X's article, plan first. He also looks at plans/ outlines of yours and gives you detailed feedback on what makes that answer a 1st, a 2.1 etc."

“We also plan essays every class which he gives detailed feedback on and makes it clear exactly what each topic requires from us in his lectures through having a slide that states exactly what the lecture structure is. He makes active use of Moodle to post changes in the law or interesting articles to read.”

Highly Commended:

Lourdes Hernandez-Martin (Language Centre)

Maria Molina-Domene (Economics)

Martina Klett-Davies (Sociology)

Neil Duxbury (Law)

Ryan Stones (Law)                                                       

Waltraud Schelkle (European Institute)

Alicia Mejia Salazar (Management)

Andrea Mason (International History)

Darren Moon (Learning Technology and Innovation)

Eileen Alexander (Social Policy)

Fiona Steele (Statistics)

Geoff Hughes (Anthropology)

Runners Up:

Christina Easton (Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method)

Derek Pillay (Economics)

Emma Peplow (International History)

Innovative Teaching


Seeta Peña Gangadharan (Media and Communications)

“Dr. Seeta Peña Gangadharan is a truly extraordinary educator. I use "educator" because she embodies that values and ethos that facilitate transformative and personalized learning experiences - transcending the restrictive bounds typically imposed by systems and teachers.  Every lecture and seminar, she showed that was willing to go past traditional models and modes of teaching delivery - shifting gears to meet the evolving needs of students, and always striving to be interactive, engaging and contextual so that we could connect to the theory and the practice."

“Seeta goes beyond traditional teaching methods, incorporating inclusive activities in class that help to illustrate the material we are learning.”

Highly commended:

Eline van Ommen (International History)

Enrique Jorge-Sotelo (Law)

Floris De-Witte (Law)

François Simon (Language Centre)

Joanna Yao (International Relations)

Jonathan Birch (Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method)

Lucius Li (Finance)

Savvas Verdis (LSE Cities)

Sarah Paterson (Law)

Runners up:        

Laura Mann (International Development)

Mercedes Coca (Language Centre)

Su teaching awards 2

Inspirational Teaching


Sumi Madhok (Gender Institute)

“The most passionate, committed, and inspirational teacher.”

“The way I think has been fundamentally changed for the better through her teaching. I have never been more challenged and inspired by an educator before.”

“She creates an environment in which students are highly motivated to contribute to each other's learning, where we are kept on our toes not out of fear but out of mutual respect, where we are challenged and we challenge each other. Where we are in no doubt that she is incredibly knowledgeable, and yet she believes we have as much to learn from each other as from her. Truly inspirational.”

Highly commended:

Ashwini Agrawal (Finance)

Daniel Ferreira   (Finance)

David Kershaw   (Law)

Dirk Jenter (Finance)

Fuad Musallam (Anthropology)

Ioannis Kouletsis (Mathematics)

Jacco Bomhoff   (Law)

Meredith Whitten (Geography and Environment)

Nick Long (Anthropology)

Robert Craig (Law)

Valentina Ferretti (Management)


Connson Locke  (Management)

Frederic Basso   (Psychological and Behavioural Science)

Katharine Millar (International Relations)

Tatiana Cutts (Law)

Mentoring and Personal Development


David Trodden (Accounting)

“I find David epitomises everything you would want in a teacher.”

“David has provided the best teaching experience I have had at LSE. It makes such a difference to have a teacher you feel truly cares about you and your classmates' lives outside of the classroom. At the beginning of almost every class, he takes an interest to know what is going on in our lives/our internship and career plans.”

“At the start of each class if we have time he makes sure to catch up on the developments in our lives whether they be personal issues or things in terms of academic progress or career updates.”

Highly commended:

Geoff Goodwin (International Development)

Lukas Löhlein (Accounting)

Nicola Limodio (Economics)


Brett Heasman (Psychological and Behavioural Science)

Research Guidance and Support


Jorn-Steffan Pischke (Economics)

"Steve is an outstanding supervisor both at the academic and personal level. His supervision style is unique and ought to be a role model for others. Steve's enthusiasm for a wide variety of topics and his attention to detail is unparalleled. It is inspiring to see him both roll-up his sleeves and go through pages of data tables while a minute later challenge us to think about the big picture."

“He holds weekly meetings with all his PhD advisees at the same time, which is not only great because of the regularity, but also because everybody knows what all the other advisees do. Moreover, besides his great knowledge of Economics and Applied Econometrics, he is also very helpful in steering us through the particularities of doing research (e.g. conference submissions, the publication process etc), and has helped students to go abroad for some time, visiting other departments.”

Highly commended:

Chana Teeger (Methodology)

Claire Barnes (Geography and Environment)

Clare Wenham (Social Policy)

Eric Schneider (Economic History)

Heather Kappes (Management)

Kirsten E Schulze (International History)

Oliver Volckart (Economic History)


Leticia Sabsay   (Gender Institute)

SU teaching awards 3

Sharing Subject Knowledge


Chiara Sotis (Economics)

“Her commitment to helping students surpasses that of any other teacher I’ve had.”

“She really cares about ensuring that students understand the material and explains concepts in a simple way. She is also excellent at providing feedback.”

Highly commended:

Adrien Bussy (Economics)

Alexandru Marcoci (Government)

Alkiviadis Georgiadis-Harris (Economics)

Claire Mercer (Geography and Environment)

Diana Popescu (Government)

Emily Jackson (Law)

Fenella Cannell (Anthropology)

Mike Savage (Sociology)

Pete Millwood (International History)

Vincenzo Scrutinio (Economics)

Runners up:

Igor Stramignoni (Law)

Jeppe Mulich (International History)

Welfare and Pastoral Support


Judith Shaprio (Economics)

“Dr Judith Shapiro always has an open door and over my time at the LSE has always been willing to discuss any problems I have had. She has taken a specific interest in many of the problems that I and other students have regarding courses.”

“I have never known a faculty member to put so much work and so much heart into her students. Dr. Shapiro consistently works above and beyond her remit, whether it is inspiring first years to explore research, supporting students struggling with personal problems or giving guidance to third years on graduating from the School. She always puts herself into the mentality of students and we know that she really believes in us.”

“Always available for support.”

Highly commended:

Claire Moon (Sociology)

Giovanni Graglia (International History)

Ilka Gleibs (Psychological and Behavioural Science)

Janan Mousa (Geography and Environment)

Linda Mulcahy (Law)

Nadia Rei Erlam (Gender Institute)


Andrew Summers (Law)

Nicholas Couldry (Media and Communications)

SU teaching awards 4