On-campus measures at LSE

"Look after yourself. Look after others." 


COVID measure changes for Easter break and Summer Term

In March 2022, we updated our School measures to reflect a shift in focus as we navigate this stage of living with the virus and the end of government protocols in England on 1 April.

While changes signify the end of mandatory elements of LSE protocols, there is still an expectation that everyone contributes to keeping our community safe and well. Moving from monitoring case rates alone to supporting our community and protecting vulnerable individuals involves all of us taking personal responsibility for our actions, and continuing shared understanding of the impact that we have on our colleagues, peers, friends and the wider School.

Changes effective from Saturday 2 April

Mandatory testing to access campus will no longer be required

Mask wearing
Mask wearing on campus will be voluntary but strongly encouraged – especially in lifts, classroom settings and other crowded places. Please be respectful of others’ decisions on mask use in all situations.

Wellness Check-in
We will suspend the weekly Wellness Check-in via email. Staff who are unwell should report to their managers and students should inform departments if course engagement is impacted.

As a reminder, anyone feeling unwell should not come to campus. 

The continuation of our non-mandatory LSE measures reflects the improving circumstances in London and England, as well as the responsibility we all still carry to act with care and consideration for one another. 

 Summer Term assessment period and in-person exams 

Over this period, we will have enhanced cleaning measures in place for all exam rooms and students who feel more comfortable wearing a mask during their exam can collect a FFP2 mask on campus. These FFP2 masks are well rated to provide a further layer of protection to those who choose to wear them.  

You can find more information on what to do if you feel unwell during exams.  
Continued monitoring of the situation

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and update you of any future changes. We reserve the right to bring more restrictive measures back in place if this is deemed necessary by the School Management Committee. While few COVID measures remain in England, we must continue to act responsibly and with care for our community – stepping up as individuals to protect ourselves and others. 


If you are concerned about your health or struggling with the current circumstances, remember, LSE is here to support you, so do reach out and talk it through:

Students: Find the support you need in our Support Map, on the Student Hub

Staff support

For information about our previous measures, visit our COVID measures archive page.