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Update - 25 February 2021

On 22 February, the UK government outlined a plan for a four-stage process to ease national restrictions in England. Whilst we welcomed the news, some steps have a more significant impact for LSE than others. 

The government has made it clear that progress through each phase of the roadmap for England is dependent on many factors. At LSE, we will continue to monitor the situation closely, making decisions based on the circumstances at our School while remaining flexible and responsive to protect and support our community to the full extent possible.  

Find out more about the UK government roadmap and impact on LSE in the sections below. 

Step 1 (first phase, 8 March) - no change for LSE

  • No impact on our current approach, with compulsory teaching, learning and assessments online for the rest of the academic year, as announced to the School community on 5 January. As a social science institution, LSE is not able to offer face-to-face teaching and learning activities on campus this Lent Term as per government restrictions.
  • The Centre Building, LSE Library, and the Saw Swee Hock student centre are open. Opening hours are: CBG (everyday 8am-10pm), LSE Library (everyday 8am-10pm), SAW (Mon-Fri 8am-10pm).
  • Twice-weekly testing is still in place for everyone who needs to access campus facilities and / or lives in halls of residence. We will continue to monitor capacity in these buildings and provide additional learning spaces if necessary.
  • Travelling is not permitted at this time, unless for circumstances previously outlined, such as mental health reasons or unsuitable study or work conditions at home
  • We must continue to keep our campus and halls COVID-secure by following measures in place around social distancing, mask wearing, using hand sanitising stations and not gathering socially in groups. It is likely that many COVID-secure protocols will stay in place until 21 June at the earliest and possibly later, pending government guidance.

Step 1 (second phase, 29 March) – limited change for LSE

  • Rules on mixing of individuals are likely to change to allow six individuals or two households to meet outdoors only. We will aspire to organise some centrally run in-person community building activities that were popular at the start of Michaelmas Term, such as London treasure hunts.
  • Outdoor sport and leisure facilities may be able to re-open and organised outdoor sport allowed again. LSE will look to open the New Malden sports facilities for organised sport activities.

Step 2 (no earlier than mid-April) – proposed timing to reintroduce wider in-person activity and return to campus

  • In early April, the government will review progress and confirm dates to introduce face-to-face activity for a social science institution like LSE
  • Led by the guidance and evidence at the time, we estimate that all other buildings on the LSE campus could re-open from mid-April at the earliest for work, research and study, and we are preparing on that basis. Staff will not be able to return before the re-opening of campus, unless they have exceptional circumstances.
  • We will closely monitor the wider easing of restrictions and assess the situation at LSE to inform staff returning to campus working. Phased over a period of months, staff groups and individuals who need to return to campus as part of their roles, for wellbeing reasons or due to unsuitable remote working conditions will be prioritised. Individuals with their own offices will be able to work from these offices as soon as the LSE campus is re-opened.
  • Pending government limitations, we intend to offer some additional optional, centrally run in-person student events and activities, aiming to increase and expand these over time as permitted. However, all mandatory teaching and learning activities will remain online as previously announced. 
  • Outdoor hospitality may re-open and we will explore what we can offer on the LSE campus
  • Travel restrictions mean many of our students will carry on engaging remotely and we’ll continue to offer the best experience possible for our remote cohort, with opportunities to connect with peers and your LSE community. We will carry on supporting those who need to return for exceptional reasons and provide further guidance as restrictions ease.
  • International travel is expected to still be prohibited or limited during this stage, unless for exceptional circumstances. If you have any queries relating to student visas, contact the International Student Visa Advice Team.

Step 3 (no earlier than 17 May) – proposed timing to introduce international travel and relax social distancing measures

  • The final steps in the roadmap, projected to come into place in LSE’s Summer Term and beyond, are very much subject to the factors mentioned above. However, the roadmap indicates that, potentially, up to 30 people may be allowed to socialise outdoors and up to six people or two households indoors.
  • Indoor hospitality and organised indoor sports may resume
  • Subject to review, international travel may resume
  • While the dates are indicative and many unknowns remain as the situation evolves, the timings are informing our thinking and planning – building towards a time when we can come together in-person as a community, once it is deemed safe to do so
  • Throughout, we will be actively preparing for the wider re-opening of campus and expanding our roll out of optional face-to-face activities which we’ll aim to grow over time, as the situation allows. However, should the risk to our community increase at any point within these four stages, we will re-introduce safety measures to protect our School.

Step 4 (no earlier than 21 June) – proposed timing to lift all national restrictions within England

  • All going well, the vast majority of national restrictions will have been lifted. However, LSE is very likely to maintain the mandatory use of face masks within its buildings as well as social distancing measures at least until 21 June.

Support and testing

Remember, LSE is here to support you, so do access assistance during this difficult time:

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