Keeping our community safe on campus

"Look after yourself. Look after others." 


We’re focusing on prevention, protection, and minimising the risk on campus and in halls of residence. As such, we will be maintaining certain COVID-secure measures across LSE - which will be reviewed every three weeks, or sooner when necessary, so that we can remain flexible and responsive to the wider situation. This helps us to ensure that we are keeping our community safe and minimising the impact on student and staff experiences.

Before coming to campus, please remember the following:

Mask wearing - Masks are mandatory in lifts, and for students in classrooms, unless exempt. In all other areas of LSE buildings, masks are strongly encouraged for everyone.

Testing to access campus - You must have valid proof of a negative COVID-19 test from the last 4 days if you are coming to campus – you may be asked to produce this at any time.

How to take and record your self-test

For the full details on all measures in place, please see below:

Measures in place | to be reviewed on 1 November

Mask wearing

  • Mask wearing is mandatory in teaching and learning spaces for students, as well as in lifts for all students, staff and visitors
  • Student mask wearing is required where prolonged contact is likely between students and staff in enclosed spaces, such as during one-to-one tutoring or advice sessions, including at the Student Services Centre. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of staff, and where agreed by the student.
  • Mask wearing is also strongly recommended in all other settings within LSE buildings, as one of the most effective ways to protect both you and those around you. This is especially relevant in confined and high-traffic spaces.
  • If you have been officially exempted by LSE from wearing a mask, staff and students can apply for a sticker to help identify this.


  • Government advice for the term ahead is that students and staff get tested twice a week for COVID-19, even if they are double vaccinated
  • Staff, students and visitors will need proof of a negative test within the last four days. Any self-administered test must be reported via the National Health Service (NHS) website and confirmed via email or text message.
  • This will have to be shown in the following circumstances:
    • When students enrol in-person on campus
    • To check-in to your LSE residence on arrival
    • To enter campus buildings - check points are subject to change on a regular basis
    • Welcome events, such as the Students’ Union fair and activity in the Welcome Square. (Please note that for specific events like those for Welcome, we reserve the right to ask for a more recent negative test than in the last four days. Students will be notified in advance if a stricter rule applies.)
  • All students and staff should be tested within the last four days when coming to campus even if they are double vaccinated. You can get free self-test kits from many locations across London, or from the reception desk in the Old Building (OLD).
  • From LSE’s testing centre (now located in Connaught House) you can also continue to access PCR testing, and travel-related testing for days 2, 5 (test-to-release from quarantining) and 8. Visit the testing webpage to book and leave plenty of time to get your test.
  • Checks will take place on randomly chosen individuals at the LSE Library and at pop-up points across LSE’s campus. If you don’t have a negative result, you will be asked to get tested before you can enter the building and access facilities.
  • All students living in LSE halls of residence should get tested twice a week. Random checks will also be carried out in all halls of residence.
  • Regular testing will help reduce risk to our LSE community whilst ensuring that Welcome, teaching, learning and School activities can take place on campus and in halls. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Vaccinations and self-isolation

  • We anticipate around 83% of students will be vaccinated from COVID-19 by their arrival, and throughout the term we will be offering many opportunities for members of our community, both students and staff, to get vaccinated for free. This is particularly relevant if you not been vaccinated already with vaccines recognised in the UK, or if you have received one or more doses of vaccines not currently recognised in the UK.
  • These include:
  • Once fully vaccinated in the UK, you will be eligible for a COVID pass, which can be used to access concerts, night clubs and other venues
  • Students in higher education in England who are identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID and have not been vaccinated in the UK will currently need to isolate for 10 days from your last contact with the individual, however, those vaccinated in the UK would not need to self-isolate. We are actively lobbying the UK government to extend the same rule to those vaccinated in other places. Our LSE Trace team can provide support and guidance if you are unsure what you should do.

Other COVID-secure measures

  • We will continue with all previous enhanced ventilation measures including increasing fan speeds, fan running times and 24/7 operation, to provide increased ventilation rates. LSE Estates are installing CO2 monitors to all teaching spaces that currently do not have them, as an additional monitoring measure.
  • Ventilation rates in all classrooms are currently being tested to check they are running in line with the latest relevant guidance below, which has been published by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) and USHA (Universities Safety and Health Association) in the last few months:
  • We will continue with thorough cleaning regimes as well as providing wipes and regular hand sanitising points
  • Ongoing monitoring of the local situation and LSE case rates through LSE Trace will continue, as well as the weekly wellness check-in. Anyone who tests positive or experiences COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate and not come onto campus.

Measures in place | 12 August - 19 September

We have continued to monitor the current situation and review any COVID-secure measures to keep our community safe, well and supported.

After ongoing consideration including a review of feedback from Campus Trade Unions and the Return to Campus Working Group, all current measures will remain in place until 19 September 2021.

This means we will retain our precautions on campus, including:

- Staff, students and visitors will need to provide a valid negative test from the last 4 days to access all School buildings on campus. This includes individuals who have been double vaccinated.

- Mask wearing will still be required in lifts, for students in teaching rooms and other teaching settings, and is strongly encouraged in all other areas within LSE buildings, especially in confined and high-traffic spaces, unless you are exempt. Please remain mindful of colleagues’ comfort levels to do with social distance and mask wearing within shared spaces. For information about local requirements on wearing masks, please contact your office manager or line manager.

- If you’re participating in any Summer School or executive programmes, masks (unless exempt) are required in the classroom for teaching and learning activities

- All fresh-air ventilation will continue alongside other measures to maintain a low-risk environment. If windows in your area don't open, fresh air is still being brought in and pushed back out for your safety.

- The Testing Centre will continue to provide PCR and rapid tests, and testing for travel. You are, however, encouraged to use a home test kit, where feasible, before accessing a test on campus.

- We strongly encourage all members of our community to get fully vaccinated, if you are not already. In addition, we are working on plans to offer on-campus vaccinations for COVID-19 through the St Phillips Medical Centre and the flu vaccination through HR. More information on this will be shared in due course.

- Ongoing monitoring of the local situation and LSE case rates through LSE Trace will continue, as well as the weekly wellness check-in. Anyone who tests positive or experiences COVID-19 symptoms should not come onto campus.

While England’s restrictions are lifting, we still have a duty to keep LSE COVID-secure, especially as case rates continue to rise within our London boroughs of Camden, Southwark and Westminster. 

With this in mind, we may need to introduce further COVID-secure measures more widely at LSE in the future, to help limit community spread. This is in line with guidance from the government and Public Health England who have asked us to continue to exercise caution after restrictions end.


If you are concerned about your health or struggling with the current circumstances, remember, LSE is here to support you, so do reach out and talk it through: