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Update - 2 February 2021

The recent UK government announcement about face-to-face teaching and learning outlines that education providers will not be able to resume in-person activities before 8 March, at the earliest.

As LSE has already moved all compulsory in-person teaching online for the remainder of the academic year, this announcement does not change how students will continue to attend lectures and classes or seminars. However, this means that additional non-compulsory, in-person learning and community building activities will not begin in February as hoped. Instead, LSE will look to commence these activities as soon as it is safe to do so and when government restrictions allow.

The Library and Centre Building are open for those who cannot work remotely or have unsuitable work / study conditions at home. Staff and students coming to campus and in halls now need to be tested twice a week to use campus facilities. 

Go to the testing webpages for more information. 

We took the decision to switch to online with a heavy heart given how successfully we were able to deliver in-person teaching in Michaelmas Term. But the circumstances changed and we have always said that safety of our community is paramount.

We also recognise the need for stability and certainty, and online teaching and learning provides this - given that the earliest possible return to face-to-face activity for many is 8 March (Week 8), based on current guidance.

By shifting our mode of delivery, we will be able to focus our efforts on providing the best teaching and education experience possible - leaving open the opportunity for in-person engagement as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.  

Staff and students should make sure to read our School message in your LSE inbox. This gives further detail of the situation at LSE, campus access and testing. 

 Support and testing

Remember, LSE is here to support you, so do access assistance during this difficult time:

Student support
Staff support

Visit our testing pages for more information on getting tested at LSE