Get tested at LSE

"Testing is one of the most effective ways to prevent, protect and minimise risk to our LSE community." 



Our testing centre provides a variety of free testing to support you and help keep our campus safe. Below, you can book your test or find out more about what we offer.

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, contact the National Health Service (NHS) for guidance, inform LSE Trace and do not come to campus. 

Our testing centre is located in Connaught House
Find us at 65 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4DS

Remember - to access campus you will need evidence of a negative test result from the day of or the day before your visit to campus buildings. 


Beginning 31 January, the timing of a test to access campus will change, and you will need a rapid lateral flow test test dated within 4 days of your visit - this can be taken the day of your visit or in any of the three days prior. From this point, test validity will be as follows:


Initial test 








Next test 









Collect your rapid lateral flow test kit, containing 7 tests, from our testing centre or one of the main reception desks. 

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Testing to access campus

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From the booking portal, you can select the following:

For campus access
Rapid test - collect home test kits to access campus from the testing centre. Alternately, you can pick one up at any time from one of the reception desks on campus.

If you receive a positive rapid lateral flow test, visit the NHS pages for guidance on next steps.

PCR test - only book if requested by LSE Trace team. 

For travel (visit the UK government website for the latest entry requirements)   

Day 2 test - certified day 2 PCR test, to be taken between days 0-2, for UK arrivals
Day 5 test - optional test for lifting quarantine early as per the 'Test to Release' scheme
Day 8 test - certified day 8 test for UK arrivals
Single Lateral Flow for Travel – check your destination accepts this

Tests can only be booked by LSE staff, students who are currently enrolled and incoming students who have pre-enrolled. If you are a student-staff member please book using the student link.

Book your test (student)

Book your test (staff)

Testing to access campus

All students, staff and visitors must provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result taken and dated the day before or the day of accessing buildings on campus. 

Find out about how to use home testing kits and where you can collect them.

Accessing home testing kits

Students and staff have the option use rapid lateral flow test at home, when convenient for you, for evidence of testing to access campus. Once complete, record your result online to access campus.

You can collect free home test kits through the NHS or through our testing centre.

To collect your home testing kit, visit the testing centre or one of our reception desks to pick one up. 

To ensure we’re keeping students in halls of residence and our community on campus safe, we’ve strengthened our testing procedure for anyone coming on to campus. Staff and students must continue to follow our guidance on getting tested in order to come to campus, even if you have received a COVID vaccine. 

Before you come to campus you can book an appointment to collect a home testing kit*, containing 7 tests which you can take at home, and record your results online. 

Although we encourage you to use rapid testing kits, the testing centre on campus will still be open in a limited capacity for you to do a test onsite while supervised by a nurse (or in certain circumstances, get tested by the nurse) and the results processed on-site, if you would prefer. 

Book your appointment (student)

Book your appointment (staff) 

If you can't make your appointment, please cancel your test so someone else can book theirs.

*Please note, the test kits are being provided to LSE for the numbers of students and staff we have coming to campus only.

Recording your home test result

To record your result online, go to and follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Click start 
  2. Select myself → continue 
  3. Continue without an account → continue 
  4. Select where in the UK you live → continue 
  5. Select 'Yes' or 'No' when asked if you're taking this test for your job, and follow the steps depending on your answer → continue 
  6. Type in "London School of Economics (WC2A 2AE)" from the drop down list → continue 
  7. When was it taken → today or yesterday → continue 
  8. Enter your Test strip ID number (Scan the QR code or type it) 
  9. Record result (negative or positive) - if positive, please book a PCR test to confirm the result

What type of test do I need?

You can show a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or rapid lateral flow test result. Your test result must be from a sample taken the day before or the day of your visit to access campus. 

More information on testing to access campus

If you are planning to come to campus and have had COVID-19 in the past 90 days, you must ensure that you have followed all self-isolation protocols and that you are well before you come to campus. 

You may also be asked to show proof of a negative test when accessing other LSE buildings, as the Estates team will be conducting random checks across campus. 

View the LSE campus map online

Do I need to get tested if I've been vaccinated?

Yes, testing is still required for those who have been vaccinated, including those vaccinated twice, until government guidance on this changes.

Make sure you’re registered with a local doctor or general practitioner (GP) so you can be notified when you are eligible to receive your vaccine.

I have received a positive home test result, what do I do? 

If you receive a positive result from your home test, make sure you register your test result with the NHS and tell the LSE Trace team who can provide guidance and support. 

Travel related testing

Our on campus testing centre offers free PCR testing for travel, including Day 2, 5 and 8 tests to cover UK government requirements, for use on passenger locator forms.

If you are planning to travel to England, visit the UK government website for the latest guidance on entry requirements, testing and quarantining.  

Single Lateral Flow for travel (check your destination accepts this) – These can be used for pre-departure fit to fly and generate a certificate to travel same day when the person registers the test online. The test is not a free NHS test, it is a private provider offering the service done in the testing centre and is done by the individual themselves. However not all countries accept this and you are advised to check before you book this test.

Travelling to the UK

UK government rules around travel are changing regularly - including the quarantine and testing protocols in place. 

Depending on your vaccination status, you may be subject to different requirements on arrival in the UK - please review this carefully before you travel. 

A PCR test is different from the rapid test we use for accessing campus and a test result will be available 24-72 hours after taking the test.  Please remember to check your spam/junk email if you do not see your results in the expected time frame.

Swabs are collected at 7pm on test day and the team aim to send out results by 7pm the next day, if not sooner. If you need a test for an upcoming flight, please bear this in mind and monitor your junk/spam inboxes for results if you have not received them in the expected time frame.

Please note, you will are responsible for following requirements and failure to do so could result in a fine. 

Travelling abroad in exceptional circumstances

If you are planning to travel to England, visit the UK government website for the latest guidance on entry requirements, testing and quarantining. 

If you have exceptional circumstances which mean you need to travel abroad from the UK, you can book a test at LSE. 

If you are travelling from the UK and need a PCR test please ensure you leave enough time for your result to arrive. Whilst the lab aims to turn around results in 24 hours this is from 7pm of the day of your test, not from the time of your test and cannot be guaranteed. Results can sometimes take up to 48 hours to arrive. If you haven’t received your result please allow 48 hours before contacting us to chase it up. Please also remember to check your spam/junk email as well.

*Please note, this testing service is for individuals with exceptional circumstances only. 

Book your test (student)

Book your test (staff)

Tests can only be booked by LSE staff, students who are currently enrolled and incoming students who have pre-enrolled. If you are a student-staff member please book using the student link.

Where to find us

LSE Testing Centre is located in
Connaught House
65 Aldwych

Cancelling your test 

We have a limited number of slots per day so please try and keep your appointment, however you can cancel below if needed.

Cancel a test (students) 

Cancel a test (staff) 

You can also find more information on how to get tested outside of LSE via NHS 111 who can advise you if you need a test and what measures you need to take.