Testing to access campus

Test kits available in the Testing Centre and at reception desks across campus

How to get, take and register your COVID self-test result before accessing buildings on campus. 

You will need proof of a negative COVID test taken the day of, or the day before you access campus.

If you've forgotten to take your test before arriving on campus, don't worry, we can help - with rapid tests available from the Testing Centre and reception desks around campus. However, test results take up to 30 minutes, so you might be delayed if you don't have one ready. 

Where to get a COVID self-test kit

Need a test now?

Head to the testing centre (in Connaught House) or one of the reception desks in our buildings, where you can collect a self-test kit.

Other ways to collect self-test kits:

The National Health Service (NHS) also has a number of ways to get self-test kits including:
- collecting from a local pharmacy
- ordering kits for delivery
- collecting from a test site.
Read more: NHS self-testing information

Our on campus testing centre can also support you with your testing needs, including PCR tests, travel-related testing and self-testing - all with a booked appointment.

Read more: Get tested at LSE

How to take a self-test

Videos: how to do a rapid test at home

Always check instructions

There are different types of lateral flow tests. The test you have might be different to one you've done before.

There are separate videos for the throat and nose test, and nose-only tests.

Throat and nose test: blue and white pack

Watch a video demonstration of how to do a throat and nose test (blue and white pack).

Nose-only test: green and white pack (Orient Gene)

Watch a video demonstration of how to do a nose-only test (green and white pack).

Nose-only test: blue and white pack (ACON Flowflex)

Watch a video demonstration of how to do a nose-only test (blue and white pack).

How to record your test result

Once you've taken your test and waited for the result, you'll need to register the result to receive an email or text confirmation, which you can show on campus to access buildings. 

To record your result online, go to www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result and follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Click start 
  2. Select myself → continue 
  3. Continue without an account → continue 
  4. Select where in the UK you live → continue 
  5. Select 'Yes' or 'No' when asked if you're taking this test for your job, and follow the steps depending on your answer → continue 
  6. Type in "London School of Economics (WC2A 2AE)" from the drop down list → continue 
  7. When was it taken → today or yesterday → continue 
  8. Enter your Test strip ID number (Scan the QR code or type it) 
  9. Record result (negative or positive) - if positive, please book a PCR test to confirm the result

    Record your result

 Find out more about our COVID-secure measures on campus.