LSE Christmas Carol Service 2020 - Video Carols

Record some carols for the LSE virtual Carol Service

Do you enjoy singing and want to be part of a big virtual choir for the LSE Christmas Carol Service?

If so, take a look at the full recording guide on this page.

We are putting together three carol videos: Once in Royal David’s City, Silent Night and Hark! The Herald-Angels Sing.

You will need:

1. A device to video yourself (e.g. your phone)

2. Another device with headphones to play the backing tracks (e.g. your laptop)

3. A space with as little background noise as possible

4. Your Christmas jumper or any other festive clothing (optional!)

When you’re ready please:

  • download the backing tracks at
  • if you’re singing the normal tune (or singing ATB harmony or an instrumentalist), download the three tracks with just MELODY in the title
  • if you’re an adventurous soprano and want to sing the descant for the last verse of Once In Royal and Hark! The Herald, download the MELODY + DESCANT files

  • record a separate video for each carol
  • if you play an instrument, we would love you to record two videos, one singing and one playing.
  • have a practice run first.

  • record your video in Portrait mode like the below:Portrait picture
  • Name your videos in the following way:  Name_Carol_Voice/Instrument eg: Name_Once_Melody, or Name_Silent_Flute or Name_Hark_SopDescant

You can find music and lyrics for the recordings in the pack here.

Once you have finished, send your recordings to using There is also a wetransfer app you can use.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at

Deadline: Midnight on 28 November.