COVID-19 information

Information if you live in halls or have recently moved out

This page explains the support that's available, what fees you have to pay, what to do if you've moved out, how to collect your belongings and other things that may affect your stay in halls during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Page last updated: Monday 1 June 2020
Last change: added link to 'Tell us when you're leaving' form.

Who this guidance is for

This information is for students in LSE halls including Sidney Webb House.

If you live in urbanest or University of London halls or Lilian Knowles House, please contact them directly for information:

If you will start at LSE in autumn

For information about how COVID-19 might affect accommodation in the next academic year 20/21 visit: Book accommodation

If you currently live in LSE halls

Help us manage social distancing - tell us when you're leaving your hall

Tell us when you’re planning to leave your room. This helps us predict busy periods so that we can manage social distancing better.

Tell us when you're leaving 

We’re here to support you

LSE halls are and will continue to be open. Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. 

We regularly review advice from Public Health England to ensure that we follow its guidelines.  

Our reception, warden and Residential Life teams are working hard to support you and to pull together as a community during this time. 

Contacts in halls of residence

Advice on travelling to and from your hall

The UK Government advice is that students should no longer travel to or from their hall. This means you should remain in the hall and not plan to leave while this travel restriction is in place. 

If you have concerns about this guidance, please contact your warden team. 

Contacts in halls of residence

Keeping us updated about your health

Contact your warden if you experience any symptoms of coronavirus (fever and/or a new, persistent cough). It is important you keep in touch with them if anything changes in your situation over the next weeks: Contacts in halls of residence

Helfpul advice is in the Process for students who are self-isolating [PDF]

Staying connected – virtual common rooms

To help you stay connected you can join the virtual common room for your hall.

You'll be able to:

  • share online resources
  • take part in mutual aid networks
  • let your hall friends know that you're around and keep up with general chat

You'll enter the virtual common room through Microsoft Teams, using your LSE account.

The Bankside House group is the busiest group as it brings together students from Bankside House, Carr-Saunders Hall, Rosebery Hall and Passfield Hall.

To request access, visit: 

And there's also a group for all halls together: 

Extending your stay in the hall

If you’re unable to return home or would like to stay in London over the summer, you can extend your stay.

To apply, visit:

Apply for summer accommodation

Moving out after 4 April – you're liable for the fees

Some students have asked us if they can be released from their contract later, once travel restrictions have been lifted. 

Currently, we are not anticipating that students will be released from their contracts after 4 April 2020, unless you find a replacement student to take over your room.

If you have someone to take over your room, you can give us their details when you complete a Term-Time Early Leaver Form.


If you have recently moved out of your hall 

Belongings left behind in your room (excludes Sidney Webb House)

This information does not currently apply to Sidney Webb House. We will update this section as soon as we have more information.

We can store your belongings – but you must tell us now and there is a charge

Letting us know if you want us to store your belongings
If you would like us to store your belongings, you must email the reception team in your hall to confirm this before 4 April. For contact details visit Contacts in halls of residence.

Storage charges 
If you have left your belongings in your room, a £10 weekly storage charge will apply from Sunday 5 April. Accommodation fees will be waived from 4 April, provided you have submitted an Early Leaver Form by that date.
The charge applies weekly at the start of the week. We cannot charge a nightly or partial rate, even if you collect your things before the end of the current 7-day period. The storage charge will apply for as long as the current travel restrictions are in place.  

Asking us to dispose of minor items on your behalf
If you left only minor items in your room and do not wish to pay a storage charge, you can ask us to dispose of the items on your behalf. 

Email the reception team at your hall to confirm that you are happy for these items to be disposed of, and no storage fees will apply: Contacts in halls of residence

Collecting your belongings if you left them behind (Excludes Sidney Webb House)

This information does not currently apply to Sidney Webb House. We will update this section as soon as we have more information.

The UK Government has reviewed their travel advice. This means that we are now happy for you to collect your belongings. If you cannot collect your belongings yourself, you can nominate someone to pick them up on your behalf. 

UK Government still advises to avoid public transport, when you plan your journey, please follow the safer travel guidence for passengers.

If you, or a member of your household, has COVID-19 symptoms, you should not travel.

Arranging your collection time slot

To help us ensure safe distancing in the hall, we ask you to arrange a collection slot. Slots are available until 29 May, Monday to Friday, between 9am to 4pm (BST). To arrange your slot:  

  • email your hall reception with at least two time slots that would suit you (Mondays to Fridays 9am to 4pm BST, until 29 May)
  • be as flexible as you can, as we have minimum staffing in our halls  
  • you must give us at least two days of notice 

Once we receive your email, we will respond by email to confirm the slot. We'll include information on any outstanding balance that might be on your account. Our email will also include the safety guidelines that you must follow when you visit the hall. 

Nominating someone to collect your belongings on your behalf 

If you cannot collect your belongings yourself, you can arrange for someone to do this on your behalf, for example a friend or a relative.  Alternatively, you can arrange for a storage company to pack and place your belongings in temporary storage (you will have to do so at your own cost).  

We need your written permission and the details of the person who is coming to collect on your behalf. To nominate someone, complete and include the following paragraph in your email to us when you request your collection slot:  

  • “I hereby give permission for <FULL NAME/NAME OF COMPANY> to enter my room and collect all of my belongings and understand that the university will not take responsibility for any loss/damage that may occur”. 

If you cannot collect or arrange a collection by 29 May 

If you cannot collect or arrange for your belongings to be collected or put in storage by 29 May, email your reception to explain your situation. The reception team will work out a solution with you. You must contact us though, because if we don’t hear from you, the standard accommodation charge will be re-applied from 29 May onwards.

View contact details for your hall

Submit your Early Leaver Form by 4 April to ensure you won't continue paying fees

If you've moved out of your room but haven't completed an Early Leaver Form, please do this straight away.

We must receive your Early Leaver Form by 4 April, or you will be liable to pay the summer term fees.

Submit an Early Leaver Form 

Accommodation fees – what you need to pay

You need to pay all fees until 4 April, even if you moved out before that date.

You do not need to pay any fees after April 4 if you have:  

  • completed your Early Leaver Form
  • returned your key to reception


Returning your keys if you’ve taken them with you

If you’ve taken your keys with you, please send it back to your hall as soon as you can. Please send it by post using recorded delivery.

If you can't send it back, please email your hall reception. They'll let you know what you’ll need to pay for the unreturned keys and how to pay. [link to contacts in halls]   

Refunding of accommodation fees that you paid upfront

If you paid upfront for your accommodation beyond 4 April but have moved out, we will refund you if:  

  • you have completed an Early Leaver Form by 4 April
  • you have paid all outstanding tuition fees  

We will process your refund within approximately 28 working days from 4 April 2020. Refunds will be made to the original payor using the original payment method. The fees team will contact you if they have any problems processing your refund.  

For any queries about refunds, contact the fees team at  

Accommodation bursaries if you've moved out

If you have left the hall, we will most likely no longer be able to award you an accommodation bursary to cover the summer term. If you were due to be awarded a bursary, we will contact you shortly to confirm this.

Staying connected – virtual common rooms

Even if you've moved out, you can stay connected, share resources, and take part in mutual aid networks.

We are setting up virtual common rooms and will share information on how to join shortly. Look out for information from your Residential Life team or reception. 

Moving back into your hall

We would be happy to offer you accommodation again once the current travel restrictions are removed. We may not be able to offer you your original room, but we will try.

If you would like to return to LSE halls this academic year, contact us nearer the time at


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