COVID-19 information

Page last updated: Tuesday 5 July 2022

The information on this page is for LSE students only. If you are a commercial guest within our halls of residence, please refer to the terms and conditions of your booking for more information.

As government protocols in the UK have now ended, we have updated our measures in halls to reflect a shift in focus to learning to live with the virus. We expect all our residents to contribute to keeping our communities safe and well by taking personal responsibility for their actions. Here are the ways we ask our residents to help us:

  • Masks
    We recommend that masks are worn in lifts and confined spaces in our halls.
  • Hygiene
    We advise that all residents practise good hygiene practises such as frequent and thorough hand washing.
  • If you test positive for or experience symptoms of COVID-19
    Try to stay within your room and avoid or minimise contact with others for 5-10 days. You can contact your reception team for information on support available to you. If you test positive for COVID-19 please let us know so that we can inform other members of your household and relevant staff members. This is to ensure their safety, to allow for distancing and to ensure that you can complete your isolation effectively.

Who this guidance is for

The information on this page is for LSE halls and Sidney Webb House. If you live in urbanest, University of London halls or Lilian Knowles House, please visit:

For Sidney Webb House see additional coronavirus guidance from Unite Students.

Arrival and moving in

Keeping safe during your arrival

Please check the UK government website before you travel for up to date information on isolation and testing requirements upon arrival in the UK. 

Support for students

The reception teams, Warden and Subwarden teams continue to work hard to provide welfare support, build community (alongside our excellent Hall committees) and assist with key services. If you need any additional support, please email your Warden team on

Additionally, the School offers a range of wellbeing support available online or over the phone. Further information about accessing LSE wellbeing support can be found at LSE student wellbeing.

 Your accommodation contract and what happens if you cannot travel

Refunds if you cannot travel to the UK due to coronavirus

We may be able to release you from your accommodation contract if you cannot to travel to the UK because of coronavirus.

You will need to provide documentation and we will assess each case individually. To be considered for a refund under exceptional circumstances, you must:

  • have booked accommodation directly with LSE (if your contract is with urbanest, Sanctuary Students, or the University of London, please contact them directly for more information)
  • be unable to travel to the UK for reasons outside of your control
  • notify us as soon as you know you can’t travel
  • provide written documentation to support your case (for example a government webpage with guidance, flight cancellation or a visa rejection letter)
  • cancel your room, because we cannot hold your place if you're asking us for a refund

After you've cancelled
If we have rooms available, you may be able to book a new room at a later date, see Mid-year room vacancies

Alternatively, we can help you find private housing

If you cannot supply sufficient evidence or choose not to travel

If cannot supply sufficient evidence or choose not to travel for other reasons, we will not refund your accommodation fees and deposit beyond the standard cancellation policy.

We still ask you to cancel your room so we can offer the space to someone else. 

If we have rooms available, you may be able to book a new room at a later date, see Mid-year room vacancies

Alternatively, we can help you find private housing

You can contact the Residential Services Office via:

The team are available to respond to enquiries between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm. 

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