LSE Halls Cup

Get active, meet great people and score points for your hall

LSE Halls Cup is LSE's friendly inter-hall competition. Find out how to take part, what you can win and what activities will score you points for your hall.

LSE Halls Cup started off as a competition but led to [...] lots more events and parties to look forward to! It's a great initiative […] residents taking an active role in building community, making our campus and halls better, more fun places to live.

Sanjana Khanna

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Scores will be updated in 2022

Last updated: 1 November 2021

Scores for 2022 will be updated monthly between January and May 2022. 

Everyone can submit evidence to score points using the online form:

Submit your Halls Cup evidence


Compete in the Halls Cup

To compete in the Halls Cup, all you need to do is to take part in qualifying events and activities. Even if you don't live in halls, you can still be part of the Halls Cup. Email and we'll assign you a hall. 

Points can be collected from Lent term until the end of Summer term. 


Make history by adding your team ribbon to the cup trophy and display it proudly in your hall. Your hall can win one of three prizes:

  • Halls Cup trophy and a prize for the winning hall
  • Student recognition awards

Submitting Halls Cup evidence

Hall committees track their evidence through events logs, photographs and attendance lists. In all other categories, evidence needs to be provided by the event organiser (eg LSE Volunteering Centre, LSE Sustainability Team, LSE SU ActiveLifestyle, LSE Raising and Giving). You can also submit events as an individual student. Make sure you collect evidence of what’s happened and who attended your event or activity. 

Everyone can submit evidence and bank points using the online form:

Submit your Halls Cup evidence

If you’re not sure if your activity earns you points for your hall, email and we will work together on how to best add the points.

Qualifying categories and events


You can score points through:


You can score points through:

Active lifestyle

You can score points through:

  • LSESU SU Active Lifestyle classes
  • or on your own

Hall committee events

You can score points through:

  • Residential Life teams events attendance (Hall Committees, warden team, Residential Life or hall management)
  • Resident led event attendance
  • Hall Committee initiative (highlighted by the Residential Life team)

Civic engagement

You can score points through:


You can score points through:

  • The Green Week Challenge or The NUS Student Switch Off
  • Halls of residence sustainability drives
  • Becoming a Hall Sustainability Ambassador
  • LSE Sustainability initiatives and events

More about LSE Halls Cup

LSE Halls Cup in pictures


Passfield Hall Summer BBQ 
Thanksgiving at Lilian Knowles House
Pizza party at urbanest Westminster Bridge 
Sidney Webb House yoga session
Mexican party at urbanest King's Cross
Bankside House Diwali celebrations
Personal training session at Butler's Wharf Residence



2020/21 Halls Cup highlights


  • £618 raised in fundraising events
  • 117 hours contributed to volunteering
  • 228 wonderfully diverse events hosted across all halls
  • ‘Collection drives’- initiatives in halls 
  • in-hall fitness sessions including yoga and running clubs
  • 48 per cent of students participated in the Accommodation satisfaction survey 

Halls Cup winner history

The previous winning halls were: 

  • 2020/21 Carr-Saunders Hall
  • 2019/20 Rosebery Hall 
  • 2018/19 Rosebery Hall 
  • 2017/18 High Holborn Residence

Questions about LSE Halls Cup? Contact the Residential Life team at