Events terms and conditions

Events on campus - terms and conditions

Student attendance and registration

All careers fairs, coffee mornings, presentations and other on-campus events are ticketed events and open to LSE students and recent alumni students only. Students must register with LSE Careers to gain access - please do not issue any direct invitations to LSE events as this can lead to confusion and overbooking.

If you advertise events elsewhere please ensure all registration instructions are clear, correct and, where relevant, signpost students to LSE Careers for booking.

Stands at LSE Careers Fairs

Due to limited space we reserve the right to refuse the erection of stands which exceed 3m across. If your stand exceeds 3m you must notify LSE Careers before attending a fair (

Equipment/promotional material brought onto campus

Your organisation is responsible for any equipment and/or promotional material brought onto campus, including any associated costs. Please arrange for all equipment and promotional material to be removed at the end of your event. Neither LSE Careers, The London School of Economics and Political Science or the University of London will accept liability for any losses or damage incurred.

Payment and Cancellation policy

Invoices are issued once an event has been approved. Invoice payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Invoices can be paid by BACS transfer or cheque. LSE Careers reserves the right to cancel any event for which payment hasn’t been made by this time.

Careers Fairs and Events:
Organisations cancelling their event will incur the following charges:

  • If less than 8 weeks' notice - 50% of total bill
  • If less than 4 weeks' notice - 100% of total bill. Organisations will not be eligible for a refund

On-campus Promotions:
Organisations cancelling their on-campus promotion will incur the following charges:

  • If less than 4 weeks' notice - 50% of total bill
  • If less than 2 weeks' notice - 100% of total bill. Organisations will not be eligible for a refund

Booking rooms on campus

Any rooms booked on campus by employers, including for presentations, interviews and any other event type, must comply with room bookings terms and conditions.

Photography policy

Photos may be taken at LSE Careers events that take place within the LSE campus and external buildings.  Photos taken at these events may be used for LSE Careers marketing materials and the LSE Careers websites, both of which can be accessed externally.  Upon booking on to an event the attendee is granting permission to have their photo taken which may be used in the above mentioned formats. 

If you would like a photograph removed for any reason please contact and it will be removed within 21 days of receiving your request.

Recruitment agencies/organisations working on behalf of other employers

Recruitment agencies and third party recruiters are not able to attend careers fairs, hold presentations, networking events or any other types of events on campus.

In instances where organisations use HR outsourcing to book to attend an event, the representatives present at the event must be from the organisation, not the outsourced company. We will always require contact details for representatives from both the outsourced company, and the organisation attending the event.

We will only advertise off campus events for direct employers. We will not promote events for recruitment agencies nor organisations advertising on behalf of a third party (unless written confirmation via email is provided from the direct employer).

Presentations booked in spring for Michaelmas Term

Provisional presentation slots allocated in the spring do not guarantee a room booking on-campus, as room allocation can only be guaranteed after all teaching rooms have been booked in. Academic bookings take precedence over commercial room hire, so while we endeavour to ensure you have a suitable room, this is not always possible. In the unlikely event that we are unable to find a room on your requested date we will do everything possible to find an alternative or refund you in full if you wish to cancel.

Student turnout at events

Student attendance is usually high at LSE Careers events, however it cannot be guaranteed.  We expect a non-attendance rate of 40% and oversubscribe events in order to try and accommodate this. 


Events off campus - terms and conditions

LSE Careers will advertise careers-related events to students, such as networking events, company presentations and skills seminars. To advertise with us, please complete an off campus event form and we will add the event to our LSE CareerHub Calendar. This service is free of charge. 

LSE Careers reserves the right to not advertise events which we deem to not meet the best interests of LSE students. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Events which charge students to attend, require a deposit for attendance, or are advertising paid services (including loans)
  • Events which do not give a clear and detailed description of what they entail
  • Any event which we suspect might be unethical/discriminatory according to the School’s Policy Statement on Equality & Diversity
  • Events which require students to pass over disproportionate amounts of personal data
  • Events which primarily offer the same services as LSE Careers or are scheduled at a time which is inconvenient to students

LSE Careers seek to advertise only the most appropriate events to our students and reserve the right to decline advertising any off campus event.

Please note LSE Careers will not add games and competitions as events on to our LSE CareerHub Calendar. LSE Careers will advertise careers related games/competitions via our social media presence on FacebookTwitter and our blog.

If you would like to advertise a game or competition to LSE students/alumni, please email with a summary of the opportunity (with application method, closing date) and links to further information, in less than 200 words and in blog post form. This will be included on our "Competitions, opportunities and scholarships" blog which is updated weekly.