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Connect with creative and diverse talent

We have recognised the excellence of thought and the quality of teaching in LSE and have established a working relationship bringing together industry and applications of Data Science. We are currently offering skills workshops and guest lectures to students at LSE
- Capgemini

LSE Careers attracts over 15,000 UK and international organisations seeking to engage with our students and graduates. We are proud that the strength and distinctiveness of an LSE education continues to produce creative, diverse and ‘work ready’ talent for organisations. We have designed a variety of events and services to support your organisation with attracting and hiring our students and graduates

Events tailored to you

Our Design Your Own Event option provides you with the flexibility to create a tailored event that suits the specific needs of your organisation. This bespoke approach to event delivery ensures all organisations, regardless of sector and size, are able to tailor their engagement and maximise interaction with our students and graduates.

Our Presentation and Networking Programme offers organisations the opportunity to promote their brand and available opportunities to our students and recent graduates. We will provide your organisation support with designing and running an engaging event that attracts your target audience.

Championing diversity

LSE Careers is committed to ensuring a positive environment and success for students from all backgrounds. We have a very diverse student and graduate community at LSE.  As a careers service, we want to enable employers to attract and hire diverse LSE talent. We have a series of diversity focused recruitment and networking events which support organisations with building diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

Sector-themed networking

Coffee Mornings allow you to engage with students and graduates interested in finding out more about your organisation, your projects and the opportunities you offer. These sector focused events, are relaxed and informal and ensure you meet with students interested in your sector. 

As a graduate employer, these sessions have been a great way to meet LSE students from a wide range of degree backgrounds and share the options available for future careers in technology. – Accenture

Our sector-specific Careers Fairs held in London and overseas in Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are our flagship events and a great way to raise the profile of your organisation.

Recruit LSE talent

We encourage organisations to post jobs (full time, part-time, internships, graduate programmes etc.) on our LSE CareerHub vacancy board. LSE has almost 12,000 students from the UK and oversees studying across a broad range of degree disciplines. We have a large global network of graduates situated all around the world. Our free online vacancy board is a very effective way to advertise your opportunities to LSE students and recent graduates.

Programme of scheduled events for 2020/21

Advertising, Marketing, PR, Media, Publishing and Journalism  
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in PR and Communications (Friday 9 October 2020)
  • Skills Seminars (tbc February 2021)
  • Meet an Alum: Communications Roles in UN Agencies (tbc February 2021)
  • Panel: Careers in Journalism (tbc February 2021)
  • Panel: The Business of Creative (tbc February 2021)
Banking and Financial Services
  • Careers Fair: Banking and Financial Services Fair (Tuesday 29 September and Thursday 1 October 2020)
  • Panel: Introduction to Investment Banking (Monday 28 September 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Women in Banking and Financial Services  (Wednesday 30 September 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Women in Banking and Financial Services (Wednesday 7 October 2020)
  • Panel: Careers with Economics (Wednesday 21 October 2020)
  • Student project: Stats Practitioner Challenge (February – March 2021)
  • Careers Fair: Consultancy Fair (Tuesday 29 September and Thursday 1 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Economic Consultancy (Friday 2 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Economic Consultancy (Monday 5 October 2020)
  • Panel: Introduction to Management Consultancy (Wednesday 7 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Women in Consulting and Professional Services (Wednesday 14 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Women in Consulting and Professional Services (Monday 19 October 2020)
Education, Teaching and Research
  • Coffee Morning: PhD Careers (Date TBC)
FMCG, Manufacturing and Retail   
  • Panel: Working for a Global Brand panel (Monday 26 October 2020)
Government, Public Sector and Policy
  • Careers Fair: Public Sector and Policy Fair (Thursday 8 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Policy, Research and Political Communications (Wednesday 21 October 2020)
  • Panel: Think Tank Panel (Wednesday 14 October 2020)
  • Panel: Public Affairs (Tuesday 31 October 2020)
  • Networking: School of Public Policy careers networking evening (TBC November 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Political Risk, Conflict and Security (Friday 12 March 2021)
  • Panel: Careers in political risk, conflict and security (TBC March 2021)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Health Consultancy, Pharmaceuticals and Health NGOs (Wednesday 28 October 2020)
Information, Digital Technology and Data  
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Technology (Wednesday 7 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Technology (Monday 12 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Data Science (Wednesday 3 March 2021)
  • Student project: Stats Practitioner Challenge (February – March 2021)
Law and Legal
  • Coffee Morning: Law and Legal Services outside the Magic Circle (Friday 23 October 2020)
  • Careers Fair: Law Fair (Tuesday 20 October 2020)
NGOs, Charities and International Development  
  • Panel: Introduction to UN agencies, development banks and international organisations (Monday 12 October 2020)
  • Careers Fair: International Organisations Week (Monday 2 November - Saturday 7 November 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Charity and Not-For-Profit (Wednesday 11 November 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: International Development Consultancies, Charities and NGOs (Wednesday 20 January 2021)
  • Panel: DiscoverID: health, financial institutions, humanitarian and development consultancy (TBC February 2021)
Real Estate, Environment and Energy  
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Real Estate - Commercial and Finance (Friday 16 October 2020)
  • Coffee Morning: Careers in Renewable Energy and Environment (Friday 30 October 2020)

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