Generate Co-Working Opportunities

Co-Working Opportunities at LSE

We're working hard on providing all our LSE entrepreneurs with co-working space. Below are our current available options. 

External Co-Working Space Resources: 

Blooming Founders 

A female only co-working space. 

WeWork Aldwych 

The closest WeWork to LSE Campus, they also will host free events. 

If you have a venture and need some space to work on it as it grows, have no fear! We currently have two flexible co-working options for students and alumni, both completely free of charge! Read below for more details. 

Campfire Co-Working, Shoreditch

We're currently working with Campfire, a chain of co-working spaces, to offer free space to LSE student and alumni entrepreneurs. Spacious, modern and cool, this is the perfect environment for any budding entrepreneur looking to make an impression. You can use the space both for frequent co-working or just for meeting opportunities if you're looking to impress a potential partner or investor. 


The space is available at Campfire's discretion, and you must fill out this form to register. After you have submitted the form, you will be contacted by Generate within a week with further details about how you can access the space. 


Evenings in LSE Life 

As of 2018-19, we are now offering evening co-working space in LSE Life. There is a specially reserved area for LSE Generate students and alumni in workspace 3 every evening from 6pm-9pm. Please contact us if you have any questions about access. 

Want to discover more about entrepreneurship at LSE? 

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