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Vassia Anastassiou

Graduate profile

Degree MSc in Media and Communications

Current employer OPAP SA Greece

Job title Public relations specialist and PhD in political sciences

Ruth Garland

Graduate profile

Degree Lecturer in Media Cultures

Current employer University of Hertfordshire

Job title Lecturer in Media Cultures

Manakorn Mekprayoonthong

Graduate profile

Degree MSc History of International Relations

Current employer Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Job title Diplomat (Second Secretary)

David Hope

Graduate profile

Degree PhD in Political Science

Current employer LSE International Inequalities Institute

Job title Research Officer in Inequalities

David Li

Graduate profile

Degree MSc Economics

Current employer #

Job title Country risk

Francisco González Centeno

Graduate profile

Degree MSc Sociology

Current employer Supreme Court of Argentina; UNESCO

Job title International secretary to the Chief Justice of Argentina; UNESCO external consultant

Jay Stoll

Graduate profile

Degree BSc International Relations and History

Current employer UK Parliament

Job title Senior Parliamentary Assistant

Kaitlyn Ewing

Graduate profile

Degree MPA

Current employer Communications consultancy

Job title Consultant

Dustin R. Daniels

Graduate profile

Degree MSc in Development Management

Current employer City of Tallahassee

Job title Chief of Staff - Office of the Mayor