Self-assessment and career matching tools


Personality type indicators

Graduates First [LSE student login required]

Includes a workstyle personality questionnaire.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Very widely used personality instrument with 70 self-directed questions designed to help individuals uncover their personality type. The test is free and you'll be given a brief description of your personality. A longer report is available after paying a fee. You must register to take the test.

Career matching tools

These tools analyse your skills and suggest job suitable matches.  Use these tools as suggestions and a useful starting point for thinking about important factors in your career.  

Prospects Planner

An online programme which asks you to rate various skills and motivating factors based on how important they are to you. The 'scores' you give are then compared with a database of occupational profiles and possible career matches suggested. These suggestions can be a useful starting point for thinking about what are the most important factors to you in a career.


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