Understanding the jobs market and recruitment methods used in the country you want to work in is important for a successful job search.

This mini-site contains information about organisations that have employed LSE students and the destinations of LSE students within India. This information gives you some starting points but is no substitute for conducting your own thorough, further research.


The Indian economy has enjoyed sustained growth and, whilst this has slowed recently, it is still buoyant in global terms. Hiring across India, particularly campus recruitment, is expected to increase on its already strong levels despite the relatively poor economic picture. Recent changes to UK employment regulations for international students coupled with a growth in the number of multinational corporations based in India have seen increasing numbers of Indian students returning to their home country attracted by the new professional opportunities this offers. Whether you plan to work in India for the first time or are an international student returning home, having the right information is key.

India has major players across all sectors. According to The Economic Times of India, key sectors for campus recruiting are:

  • banking
  • manufacturing
  • finance
  • insurance
  • real Estate

Aggressive campus recruiting will be undertaken by multinationals and large national corporations in banking and manufacturing in particular (The Economic Times 2011).

According to Prospects, current areas of growth include:

  • energy
  • clothing
  • telecommunications
  • banking
  • steel
  • IT
  • automobile

They also identify a shortage of skilled employees in all major industries.

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