Houses of Parliament

House of Commons

The House of Commons offers a variety of roles including; Clerkships; Clerical officers; Hansard Reporters; Attendants.

Working for the House of Commons allows you to work with a number of departments including; Department of Chamber and Committee Services, Department of Facilities, Departments of Information Service and the Department of Resources.  Plus the Parliamentary Information and Communications Technology (PICT) department.  Visit the 'Working for the House of Commons' web pages - see link below.    

The House of Commons also offer work placements for sandwich year students. more information on this please visit the . 

House of Lords

The House of Lords have various positions for graduates including Clerkships and Committee Office Specialist. They also have administrative and executive positions such as; Senior Clerical Officers, Administrators, Executive Officers, PAs, Librarians and Hansard Reporters and many more.

House of Lords members and staff work with many departments including; Finance Department, Black Rod's Department, Committee Office, HR, Journal and Information Office, Judicial Office, Legislation Office, PICT etc. The House of Lords also offer a sandwich placement for one student per year - more information at the link below.  

Working for an MP

You can work for an MP as paid staff, an intern or as a volunteer.  The number of staff employed and location varies amongst MPs.  Generally,  caseworkers work within the constituency offices while those involved in assisting the MP with parliamentary work are based in the parliamentary offices. 


Internships are rarely advertised, so students who find work are generally recruited directly, often through personal contacts.   At LSE, there is a well-regarded Parliamentary internship scheme open to all postgraduate students, which can place you with an MP for 1.5 days per week during term time - see link below. 

Internships are usually unpaid but this is a great way the gain experience for future careers in a sector that relies on networking.  

Fast Stream

Those on the Graduate Fast Stream may get the opportunity the work for the Houses of Parliament as part of the scheme.  For more information on the Fast Stream route to a career in the Houses of Parliament pleas