Sales and trading


The part of the banking and finance industry that is purely about buying and selling - popular culture is full of images of the busy trading floor. Since the start of 2012 an average of over £4.1million has been traded on the London Stock Exchange per day. 

Sales representatives work with clients, whilst traders aim to get the best deal for the client by selling and trading assets, investments etc.

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Graduate training schemes and internships

Internships often lead to a successful candidate being fast tracked into an interview for a graduate position. The following employers offer internships and/or graduate training schemes:

Get experience

Gaining work experience and internships is important, but there are other ways you can gain the skills required for a role in sales and trading. This is through a part time job, extra curricular activities, volunteering or positions of responsibility.

Job roles

Sales personnel / Broker

Otherwise known as brokers, sales personnel act as the intermediary between clients (on the buy-side) and traders. Clients tend to be company investors, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals and pension fund managers. They will communicate with clients on the phone when the markets are open, to sell them stocks, bonds and currencies.


A trader will follow the markets in order to trade at the best price for their sales colleague’s client. They will buy and sell stocks, bonds and currencies in order to generate extra revenue and to get the best deal for the client.

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