US government

LSE proudly welcomes approximately 1000 US citizens to study each year. LSE has long been a popular choice with US students and we can see this through the numerous positions held by LSE alumna just in Washington D.C. LSE alumna have made their careers in Federal Government, lobbying and other policy organisations.  Please visit LSE International Careers Zone; The job market in Washington D.C for more information. 

Nationality Requirements

The Federal Government employs US citizens and nationals as a strong priority, however non-citizens may be hired in some circumstances.  For further information on Federal Government nationality requirements please visit; U.S Office of Personnel Management's Citizenship Requirements for Employment pages. 

Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF)

The PMF has been developed for outstanding graduates from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have an interest and commitment to leadership and management of public policies and programmes.  For more information on the PMF and how to apply please visit

Please note: opportunities for non-United States citizens through PMF are extremely limited.

Cabinet Departments

Cabinet departments are decision-making departments who set policies and oversee issues that affect the USA.  There are 15 of these departments as listed below:

Federal Agencies

The majority of federal jobs are within the cabinet departments but there are often roles available within agencies, government corporations and the Executive Office of the President.  The larger agencies are listed below:

Think Tanks

For detailed lists of the main Think Tanks in the US please visit the LSE Careers Service Public Sector, Politics and Policy: Think Tanks

Other Organistations

For a comprehensive list of other US organisations that may be of interest to those students looking for a career working for the US government please visit, LSE Careers Service, Washington D.C: Other Organisations.