40 Francisco González Centeno

Francisco González Centeno

International secretary to the Chief Justice of Argentina; UNESCO external consultant, Supreme Court of Argentina; UNESCO

MSc Sociology, 2013

Why did you choose LSE, and why did you choose your programme of study?

LSE offers a unique opportunity to study the social sciences in a university institution with a worldwide academic reputation.

The LSE Department of Sociology has played a key role in establishing and developing the discipline since 1904. It remains committed to providing top quality teaching, and to research and scholarship which is leading the evolution of the social sciences into new intellectual areas and the study of the social problems and ethical dilemmas facing a cosmopolitan and fractured society.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience?


Please describe your career path to date:

I am the International secretary to the Chief Justice of Argentina and an external consultant at the local office of UNESCO in Argentina working on heritage and conflict issues. In tandem, I am also specialised in the social theory of transitional justice and reconciliation, which was the main topic of my MSc dissertation.

Why did you choose your current job?

Because it condensates both justice and international affairs, my two areas of academic expertise.

Tell us about your current job:

I work full time at the Palace of Justice of Argentina, at the Chambers of the Chief Justice, and part time at the UNESCO Villa Ocampo-Observatory.

What advice do you have for LSE students who are looking to enter a similar profession to you?

Have a specific profile and specialise in a concrete area.


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