Personality tests


In personality tests or (personality questionnaires) you will be asked to answer a series of questions about yourself, the type of person you are, the way you think, your relationship with people and your emotional state.

Quite often similar questions will be asked but in a slightly different way throughout the questionnaire in order to ensure accurate and genuine answers are given. You may be asked to identify the statement that best describes you or to rank the options in order of appropriateness for you or on the level of agreement you have with the statement. There are no right or wrong answers.

The questionnaire gives employers the chance to identify the personal characteristics of their candidates in relation to the world of work, making assumptions about the way in which you might go about solving a problem or the processes you might use in your day to day work.

The results of these questionnaires give recruiters an idea of whether your personality type is suited to the job you have applied for and the team you would be working in. The results from these tests are sometimes also used by recruiters to decide on questions to ask you during the interview process.


  • It is almost impossible for you to know what the ‘right’ answer might be, although you can gain an idea of the qualities an employer is looking for from their website, speaking to current employees or from the job description or person specification


  • Read the questions, answers and instructions carefully
  • Give honest answers to the questions, as these may be discussed at interview and your mistruths may catch up with you
  • Do not think too hard into each question, quite often your gut reaction will be the most appropriate answer


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