Improving your entrepreneurial skill set

Accessing expert and experienced advice as and when you need it is one crucial element of developing a successful enterprise or charity or making it as a self-employed individual. Another important input to consider is training for yourself, any other members of the management team and staff. Although finding the right kind of (affordable) training might be time consuming, it is advisable not to wait until things start going wrong before looking into it. Try to be as honest as you can with regards to the skills and abilities you do or do not bring to the table. If you identify the need for training, try to fit your schedule around it as soon as you can. You are only going to get busier!

Identified a gap in your skill set? Maybe you need a crash course on business finance, or a course to help you improve your pitching and selling skills or an overview of Health & Safety regulations or an understanding of negotiation techniques? There are a vast number of public and private sources for you to tap into. Your local Business Link has centralised information on what is on offer. It might be the best starting point for you - they will help you finding the right course and/or a one-to-one adviser with whom you can develop your ideas and skills further. As with any other types of help available, some courses are free whilst you will have to pay for others.

Useful websites