Tools for technical entrepreneurs

Project and team management

  • Slack
    Free searchable team-based communications website, allowing you to share messages, files, screenshots with your team.
  • Trello
    Free card based project management website, allowing you to share and track workflow, post messages, create lists, share images and files, and track deadlines.
  • Breeze
    $29/month for up to 5 users, card based project management tool similar to Trello. Let’s you track budget for projects and produce reports.
  • Wrike
    Free (for up to 5 users/2 MB space) detailed online project management for managing people and projects, includes gannt charts and integration with Outlook and other tools.
  • Basecamp
    $20/month for 10 projects/3GB space, probably the #1 project management tool used in the industry, fully featured.
  • GoogleDocs
    For sharing/collaborating on documents.
  • Workflowy
    Simple and useful project management and ‘to-do list’ tool.

Marketing and analytics

Design and prototyping

  • Balsamiq
    Website wireframing/prototyping – very useful for usability testing. $79 for a single licence.
  • Proto
    Mobile phone prototyping tool. $24/month paid annually for a single user with up to 5 projects.
  • Designers Toolbox – design resources
    Web browser elements, HTML special characters, templates and iPhone GUI elements.
  • The Noun Project
    An icon library, useful for creating mobile apps or website buttons, with various pricing options.

Programming and development

  • There are many tools out there which will help you build and manage a website, such as WIX or Wordpress.
  • There are several sites which live generate the output of HTML, CSS and Javascript. They are very useful for teaching yourself to make websites and code in these languages. Three popular examples are jsFiddleJSBin and Codepen.
  • Consider using frameworks for CSS or Javascript libraries.
  • Use a bug tracker tool, such as BugZilla.
  • Social Source Commons
    A huge range of tools for web and mobile app development, as well as business software. You could, for example, find an online billing system that you can use for your app, rather than creating one from scratch.
  • ProgrammableWeb
    An API directory to find third party tools and apps that work with your project.
  • Github
    Collaboration, code review and code management for software projects. Lots of developers use Github as an online portfolio so you can also check out people’s profiles to help you assess how good they might be as partners in your project. Unlimited free public projects.
  • Bitbucket
    Collaboration, code review and code management for software projects. Unlimited free private projects.