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LSE Careers works to uphold the School's principles of equality and diversity, and aims to ensure that individuals of whatever race, gender or degree of disability can have equal access to employment opportunities.

Viki Chinn


Viki Chinn

Careers Consultant

LSE Careers has a dedicated Careers Consultant (Viki Chinn) whose focus is on the transition from education to employment for students who have a disability or a neurodiverse condition.

LSE Careers has close links with the LSE Disability and Well-Being Service (DWS), other disability organisations, diversity recruiters and a wide range of employers. This ensures that you will be made aware of employment opportunities and given appropriate information, support and guidance for making the transition into employment.

Do you have a disability?

Many students do not actually know whether they are considered disabled under UK law or are unsure whether their health condition is classified as a disability. For a clear definition and criteria please see the UK Government's definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010.

Our services

Careers advice and one-to-one appointments

Come to us for advice on the recruitment process, disclosure, reasonable adjustments, legal issues and other disability careers issues.

We offer the following advice services for disabled students:

  • Dedicated careers consultant, Viki Chinn, specialising in disability and employment
  • Longer and flexible disability appointments available to accommodate individual needs
  • Email advice and guidance offered (please note that this is not typically offered to non-disabled students unless at individual careers consultant's discretion)

To book an appointment or request some careers advice, please contact LSE Careers or email Viki Chinn directly at

Read some LSE student testimonials at the bottom of this page to hear how others have benefited from our dedicated disability careers appointments.


LSE Careers runs fairs and events throughout the year which are open to all students. Details and booking for upcoming events can be found on LSE CareerHub. If you require any reasonable adjustments to participate, please contact us on 020 7955 7135 or email and we will be happy to help.

On top of this we run several events and workshops designed for disabled students:

  • Specialist events for disabled students run by DWS and LSE Careers
  • Access To Employment - An annual disability event hosted by graduate recruiters aimed at providing disabled LSE students with information and the tools to successfully move from university into the workplace and linking students with recruiters from accessible organisations
  • Application and interview workshops for disabled students run by specialist partner organisations

Jobs and opportunities

LSE Careers has close links with disability organisations to ensure all opportunities for disabled students (internships, networking opportunities and similar) are sent direct to LSE Careers.

You can search all the jobs and opportunities we are advertising on LSE CareerHub. Please contact us if you require any assistance with using CareerHub.


Disability mentoring scheme

LSE Careers runs a 8 month mentoring scheme for disabled students where successful applicants will be connected with LSE alumni who have agreed to be mentors and have committed to a meeting with their mentees once every three weeks.


Information and resources

Resource centre

The LSE Careers Resource Centre has a variety of information on disability and employment and, with advance warning, we will endeavour to obtain careers information publications on audiotape or in large print. We also have a hearing loop available in the resource centre.


We have lots of careers information on finding and applying for jobs and researching different kinds of careers on the LSE Careers website.

On our information website we have information on the following areas related to making the transition into a career as a disabled student:


But most off all a big thank you for all your help you provided me with. Although I sat the interviews and assessments, it was only after you changed my mindset regarding my disability that I gained the confidence to apply and do my best in the long stages off this application. I truly believe that without your help and the help of the LSE careers department over that past year I would not be in the fantastic place that I am now so for that I am extremely grateful.

Edward Howlin - Home Office

I want to thank you for all of your help. You've been amazing! And knowing that you're there and reminding myself of what you said to me in our brief meeting has helped me so much and given me so much confidence.

SS - LSE graduate

When we met, you helped me draft an email to the organisation with whom I was interviewing to inform them about my disability and request accommodation. Meeting with you empowered me and gave me confidence to be open about my disability during the interview process, and had I not met with you, I am not sure I would have even gone to the interview! So thank you very very much for your guidance!

Rachel Hamburg - Charity Manager

Thank you so much for seeing me today - it was great to meet you and such a relief to talk to someone who understands what I'm on about! Everything you told me was really useful and has given me a lot to think about. I feel much more positive as a result, knowing that there is action I can take to improve my situation.

MH - Press Officer

I would like to thank you for today's session- as always, it was so helpful to hear your opinion on matters I am not too sure about and your advice is always so positive and encouraging that I can't help feeling good and more confident after each session. I really appreciate the opportunity to receive not just a career advice, but an advice that is relevant to the difficulties (and benefits!) I am likely to experience because of dyslexia and it was great to hear more about EmployAbility today.

P.S.H - LSE student

It was really nice to chat with another who does not believe everyone with a certain diagnosis just fits into one box. We all are individuals, have different needs and speaking with you was a real positive yesterday (which I hope I portrayed in the telephone interview today. That I had a positive vibe going on).

Jessica - LSE Student

You helped me to prepare for a phone interview with BLP, a law firm. As well as a normal advice session, you conducted a mock interview with me. I really just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, and I'm really grateful for the effort you put into helping me. I have been invited to the next stage- the assessment centre- and I credit this greatly to your assistance because I might have been a blubbering idiot otherwise!

Ehae Longe - LSE student

Following our meeting this afternoon I just wanted to write you how grateful I am for our meeting today. Our meeting was very helpful, informative and reassuring. I do feel much more comfortable now regarding my employment prospect in the UK as well as regarding the ways to minimize the effect my learning disability may have on it.

JH - LSE graduate

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