Mobile Printing

Need help connecting to a printer? Contact the IT Service Desk.

LSE's Mobile Printing service is the quick way to send your documents to print directly from your mobile device.

Go to and log in using your LSE username and password to get started.

Mobile Printing allows you to print from your laptop or mobile device in the following ways:

  • Upload your document to a web page
  • Install printer drivers 

See below for instructions and frequently asked questions.

Web Print

The Mobile Print service allows you to upload a document you wish to print to a web browser to send it to an LSE printer for printing.

  1. Open your internet browser. Go to
  2. Enter your LSE username and password and click on the Login button
  3. Click Web Print | Submit a Job
  4. For black & white printing in the Library select print1\Library-BW-MFDs (virtual). 

    For black & white printing anywhere else on campus and in Halls of Residence select
    print1\PrintQMobile_1 (virtual) or print2\PrintQMobile (virtual). 

    For colour printing anywhere on campus, in the Library or Halls of Residence select print2\PrintQMobileColour (virtual). 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your document
  6. Release your print job by tapping your LSE ID card on the card reader on any MFD in the Library or designated MFDs across campus and halls of Residence.

Driver Installation

You can also print directly from within the programs you use on your computer, by installing printer drivers:


Can I print from any mobile phone?
You can print from any mobile phone which will allow you to access email and internet services.

Are there any devices which are incompatible for uploading documents?
iPhones and some tablets will not allow documents to be saved or uploaded. These devices will only allow you to upload pictures. This does not affect the email printing capability.

How much will printing cost me?
This service will cost the same as normal printing at LSE - 3.5p per side for black and white printing and 10p a page for colour printing. Please see Online Printing Payment for details on how to top up your printing account.

How long do I have to release my print job?
You have 2 hours from the time you send your print job in which to release it at a print station. After this time has elapsed, your job will expire.

Who do I contact for help?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk:

Postgraduate Research Students:
Please contact the IT Service Desk: