Student study and teaching spaces

Alongside the commencement of the Centre Buildings Redevelopment, the Estates Division have been working hard to ensure that the impact to the School community is minimised

To compensate for the loss of the old dysfunctional facilities in the demolished buildings new purpose-built facilities have been created, along with the refurbishment of some existing areas. To ensure sufficient student study spaces are available the following facilities have been provided

Clement House

Central stairwell alcoves in Clement House (floors 2-7) have been redeveloped to provide students with unique, creative and innovative areas to study, to collaborate, to communicate and to think.


20 Kingsway

24 iMac PCs and soft seating in there refurbished basement area of 20 Kingsway (KSW B.13)

Location A on map below 

Parish Hall

3 seminar rooms in Parish Hall, 60 seats (PAR LG.03), 60 seats (PAR 1.02), 56 seats (PAR 2.03)

Location B on map below 

Tower 2

3 PC study rooms on 4th floor Tower 2 (TW2 4.01, TW2 4.02, TW2 4.03) providing a total of 84 PCs, each room has been designed in a circular formation to encourage user interaction.

Location C on map below 

2 seminar rooms on 2nd floor of Tower 223 seats (TW2 2.03) and 51 seats (TW2 2.04) plus social space

Location D on map below 

Old Building

Teaching room on 4th floor OLD (OLD 4.10) behind the Restaurant has a capacity of 68 + 2 wheelchair spaces.

Location E on map below 

Lionel Robbins Building

4th floor of the Lionel Robbins Building (LRB) has being transformed. In addition to the PhD Academy there are 219 study spaces, split as follows:

• 144 silent study

• 51 Group Study

• 24 Quiet study

In addition to the above, there will be 72 more informal seating / study spaces, including media booths, sofas and soft seating located on floors LG-3rd. This excludes the Women’s Library seating and the secure data rooms, both of which need to be booked through the Library.

Location F on map below 

Laptop drop in centre on 1st floor of the Library.

Location G on map below  

26 extra study spaces with access to power on 1st floor of the Library, plus improvements to the circulation space.

Location H on map below

New Student Study and Teaching Spaces Map