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UKCISA information for EU nationals post-Brexit

2 November 2018

UKCISA have produced a helpful flyer for EU students on post-Brexit rules and entitlements.

New in-country visa application process from 5 November 2018

31 October 2018

The way you will apply for your visa in the UK will change from the 5 November 2018.  This will apply to the majority of visa applications made by LSE students including Tier 4, Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur and BRP Replacement applications.

Full details are still be announced by the UKVI but it will mean that our guides will be changed.  We'll provide further details as soon as we have them.

New Immigration Rules,  increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge and new in-country visa application process

23 October 2018

The Home Office has released a statement of changes to the immigration rules, which are expected to come into force on the 5 November 2018.  This is due to a change in the way that in-country applications will be managed in the future.

We will update our guidance when we have further details of both the new process and the new policy guidance is published.

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will increase to £300 per year for students.  This increase is expected to take place from December 2018.  Once we have a confirmed date, we will update our guidance.

UKCISA provide a useful update on immigration news for international students on their web pages.

Guidance from UKVI on curtailment and lapsing leave

23 October 2018

The UKVI have sent out updated guidance on curtailment and travel as follows:

  • During the additional time at the end of your visa, the UKVI have confirmed you are entitled to leave and re-enter the UK as often as required. Border Force Officers (BFO) have been informed of this. However, if a BFO is not satisfied you intend to adhere to the conditions of your visa they can make the decision to refuse entry to the UK. It is still a risk to use your Tier 4 to travel after your studies have ended.
  • If you complete your programme early e.g. because you have transferred to a shorter programme, your visa will be curtailed but you will be given the same amount of additional leave as on you original visa. HOWEVER, if you travel outside the Common Travel Area (UK and Republic of Ireland) or you aer overseas when your visa is curtailed your leave will lapse.  This means you will be refused entry to the UK unless you have sought an alternative means of entry. Please take note of this if you have completed early and have travel planned as we cannot guarantee you will be able to re-enter the UK.
  • If you complete early but then fail to successfully complete your programme,  your curtailment period will be shortened to 60 days unless you have fewer than 60 days remaining.

Frauds Targeting International Students

23 October 2018

There are currently two fraudulent schemes in circulation targetting international students.

Fraud One:

This is an attempt to get international students to pay the fraudsters. If you ever receive any calls you are unsure of regarding paying money or your immigration status, let ISVAT know. This fraud usually targets Chinese nationals.

  • A student is contacted by someone claiming to represent the police or another official body from the student's home country - they have personal details and are very convincing.
  • They tell the student that they are suspected of a significant money laundering crime and their family are at risk - if they cannot afford the amount they are encouraged to borrow money or ask their family to send them more money.
  • They are told not to alert the British Police.
  • They are asked for money to make sure that they and their family are safe and not dishonoured.
  • They are told not to speak to friends and receive constant phone calls.
  • If you receive a phone call, do not pay any money. Speak to ISVAT and alert the UK police by completing an Action Fraud form. LSE will support you if you are contacted.

Fraud Two:

This scan usually targets Indian nationals and takes place across the world.  It is not limited to Tier 4 visa holders.  A person phones claiming to be from the Home Office and asking for money.  Unfortunately, the majority of the cases are with Indian students and it is not solely a UK issue.

  • The caller may appear convincing because they may have some limited information about you;
  • They may give you their name and telephone number to convince you they are genuine - the number they provide is an official Home Office number, but this is part of the fraud;
  • They will advise you to turn of your wifi and any access to the internet on your phone - this is so you are not able to do any research whilst on the call;
  • They usually say there is a serious problem with your immigration status and that you need to pay a fine because you have not completed a form correctly;
  • They will usually ask you to pay the fine in cash using Western Union - the amount varies but some students have been asked to pay up to £3000;
  • If you pay the money, they are likely to find additional reasons for you to pay extra - for example they may say that your issue with the UKVI is resolved but their checks mean that you now need to pay the embassy of your home country. They will be very persistent and sometimes threatening if they believe that they will be able to obtain more money from you.

How to respond:

  • Do not give the caller any personal information and do not confirm any information they have is correct;
  • Do not make any payment - the Home Office does not issue financial penalties;
  • You may wish to tell the caller you are aware the call is fraudulent and that you will report it to the Police or you may just wish to hang up;
  • Report the incident to ISVAT and online at Action Fraud.  You can also report this to the Police if you wish.
  • If you have any concerns about your immigration status, ISVAT can check this for you.

Advice for EU/EEA students

23 October 2018

We have recently updated our guidance for EU/EEA students.  EEA nationals should be aware that the settlement scheme proposed should Brexit take place, does not currently cover the rights of EEA nationals.  Once we have further details on the rights of EEA nationals we will update our pages.

Up-to-date information can be found on the UKCISA web pages.

Registered Traveller Scheme

23 October2018

Some nationalities are able to join the Registered Traveller Scheme. However, if you enter the UK via the eGates as a Registered Traveller, you will be entering as a tourist and as such will not have to condition to study.

If you are a non-visa national who plans to enter the UK as a Short-term Student, the UKVI have informed us that you must request entry by speaking to a Border Force Officer rather than use the eGates.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to minimise the risk of my visa application been refused? 

Read our tips for preventing a visa refusal information sheet

How can I show that I have met the financial requirements for my application?

Check our meeting the financial requirements information sheet. Chinese students may also want to read using a Chinese Certificate of Deposit to meet the financial requirements.

My visa application has been refused, what do I do now?

First, read our Help, My visa application has been refused information sheet. If you still have queries contact us using the query form.

I'm on a dual degree and coming to LSE next year, what should I do?

Read, the information for Dual/Joint Degree students.

I've lost my passport and BRP what do I do now?

Read our Lost passport or visa information sheet for more information.

I want to travel, do you have any guidance?

Yes, please read our travelling during or after your studies information sheet.

I'd like to work - where can I find out more about what I can and cannot do?

Read our Working during your studies and Working after your studies information sheets.

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