ISVAT Enquiry Forms

If your question is not answered in our guidance, use the forms below to contact our team for advice. 

We use our forms to make sure we have all the information we need and can therefore advise you correctly


Enquiry form for students applying to study at LSE or recent alumni

If you have an application in place to study with LSE or have completed your programme, 

please complete this form to get in touch with the team:

ISVAT - Applicants and Alumni Enquiry Form.

Enquiry form for LSE students who are currently studying at the School

If you have registered for your programme, please complete this form to get in touch with the team.

Tip: You will need to select the full country name for your form to submit. For example, please choose United Kingdom rather than typing UK.  If you abbreviate the country your form will not submit.

ISVAT - Current Student Enquiry  Form.

Advice Disclaimer

We are only able to advise applicants to the LSE who have an LSE ID number, current students and alumni who still hold a valid visa sponsored by LSE. 

Please check the details you provide in your query and that you are using the correct form before submission.  By completing either of these forms you are confirming that you have given us an accurate description of your current immigration status.

If you have completed the incorrect form, ISVAT may request that you complete the correct form for your circumstances.

Advice given will be based on the current immigration rules at the point of your query. These are subject to change at short notice and it is your responsibility to check the updated guidance. We are unable to guarantee that your visa application will be successful.