Afroditi Koulaxi

Afroditi Koulaxi

Associate Student Adviser, LSE LIFE

Academic and Professional Development

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About me

I emigrated from Greece to the UK at the age of 18 to pursue my undergraduate studies in Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent. During my studies, I received the School’s Colin Seymour-Ure Award for the best final year dissertation as well as the Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Excellent for three consecutive years. 

Since then, I’ve been around LSE for quite some time. First, as an MSc student in Media and Communications (Governance), then as a Communication and Events Intern in the Department of Management and now as a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Media and Communications Department as well as an Associate Study Adviser at LSE LIFE. This means you’ll probably see me around a lot. 

In my doctoral thesis, I investigate whether everyday encounters with migrants and refugees in everyday life can generate a range of perceptions and relationships between citizens and noncitizens that are qualitatively different to encounters that are primarily mediated. 

As an MSc student at LSE, I got inspired by my teachers and peers, had a wonderful time with my friends, studied hard and tried to make the most of that year. And it was indeed the best year of my student life! I really hope that your experience in the School is as amazing and unforgettable as mine!