Mr Jack Winterton

Mr Jack Winterton

Student Adviser, LSE LIFE

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I’m a graduate of the Department of Government (BSc in Government '16). My interests include student research, academic writing, art and politics and promoting multidisplinary curricula. 

LSE’s motto ‘Understanding the Causes of Things’ is a pursuit that must be at the heart of the student experience at LSE. During my time as a student, I involved myself in several projects aiming to enhance the connection between students and the world-leading research taking place at LSE.

I’m the co-founder and former Editor-in-chief of the LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSE UPR). The LSE UPR is an online platform that aims to encourage and facilitate an engagement in high level political research and the professional presentation of critical arguments by undergraduate students from universities around the world. 

I’ve worked on some very cool projects as a research assistant in the Departments of International Relations, Government and Media and Communications. Projects including: an analysis of the body language of politicians during parliamentary hearings after the 2008 financial crash and an assessment of the blame assignment  after financial crashes in the West over the last two centuries.

I won the Department of Government’s Dissertation Prize 2016, presented at the LSE Research Festival and was Highly Commended by the Undergraduate Awards (UA) for my final year essay titled: Assessing the Development of the Prime Minister’s Rhetoric during the Questions to the Prime Minister Debate (PMQs). 

I believe that all students can do maths. To this end, I helped to establish a maths and statistics course, Quant4Qual, for students with qualitative backgrounds which aimed to make empirical research fun and accessible. I connected students with a passion for empirical research with those wanting to enjoy the insights of the social sciences more fully. 

Outside of the academic context, I enjoy running around London’s parks, occasionally baking extravagant cakes and I've recently taken up metal work. I was the vice-captain of LSE Triathlon Team and really enjoyed competing for the school in cross country running and multisport competitions.