Being part of LSE



My time at LSE has been the best years of my life. Learning from leading academics and the friends I’ve made has created new possibilities, so that I can go as far in life as I wish

Joe Kania, Department of Law 

Our community

Emad Naghavi, Department of Mathematics


At a student focus group I attended, many felt that they were missing out on interesting events simply because they weren’t informed. I took part in testing the Student Hub because I wanted to help make sure the app would solve the problem. 

With the app, it’s easier than ever for students to find out about and attend events at LSE, leading to students feeling more connected to the School and each other.

Download the Student Hub from the App Store or Google Play, or visit the web app here.

Zulum Elumogo, LSESU General Secretary


From being a member of a student Halls committee, Vice-President of a society and Trustee for the Student Union, I have developed a taste for the kind of career I desire: one that serves others. The key is to be proactive. With world-class resources both within LSE and the SU’s 250+ clubs and societies – opportunity surrounds us. Make the most of it!

LSE Students' Union (LSESU) is run by LSE students, for LSE students. Find out how they represent you during your time as a current student.

Sanjana Khanna, Department of Economic History


The Halls Cups started off as a competition, but led to overall team bonding and lots more events and parties to look forward to! It’s a great initiative that leads to residents taking an active role in building community – making our campus and halls better, more fun places to live.

Learn about how you can get involved in the LSE Halls Cup and build community in your hall of residence.

Alex Selway, Department of International History


Societies have enriched my LSE student experience beyond the classroom. Participating in different societies has given me friends for life, enabled me to explore my interests, and above all helped me develop as a person. 

As President of RAG, I won an award for my contribution to the LSE community, but my fondest memories come from working with incredible students who showed me the fun in fundraising!

Becoming a member of a society is one of the best ways to get more out of your time at LSE. Discover the 200+ societies at LSESU, and how you can start your own.


Learn, study, thrive

Marta Kozielska, Department of Anthropology


I have collaborated with students and staff on many innovate projects across the School, including the Academic Mentoring Portal to strengthen academic support. I’m proud to have helped empower students by bridging the gap between academic and student life – it’s something that really matters.” 

The Academic Mentoring Portal can help you make the most of academic support at LSE. Visit the portal here

Dilly Fung, Pro-Director (Education) and Martha Ojo, LSESU Education Officer


Change Makers is an incredibly exciting programme that gives students the funded opportunity to create their own research projects, propose innovative ideas and lead change to enhance students’ experiences at LSE.

A collaboration between LSE and LSE Students’ Union, it’s a unique opportunity for students to partner with us to improve - we’re looking forward to working with Change Makers and creating real and lasting change for our community.

Learn more about the Change Makers programme, a new collaboration between LSE and LSE Students’ Union, that gives you a chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research.


Joe Kania, Department of Law


My time at LSE has been the best years of my life. Learning from leading academics and the friends I’ve made has created new possibilities, so that I can go as far in life as I wish. I’m excited about the final year of my degree – it’s an opportunity to explore new ideas, deepen my learning and take advantage of university life in London.

Find out about all of the academic guidance, advice and pastoral care available to you during your studies.

Adeola Akande Pierre-Noël, Centre Manager, United States Centre


Being an LSE student is more than just coursework and qualifications – it’s also about starting to build a career. That is why we are immensely proud of the five Undergraduate Research Assistantships we’re offering this year. This donor-funded programme runs until 2023, and is an opportunity for undergraduates to work directly with academic faculty on challenging US-related interdisciplinary research.

Learn more about the US Centre's Undergraduate Research Assistantships here. All student opportunities at LSE are advertised on the Career Hub

Ieuan Bennett, Department of Economic History


Being part of the undergraduate programme review was a great way to use student research and expertise to improve education and experiences at LSE. 

There has been so much positive change in recent times, with departments taking on board our recommendations, changing programmes, and making it easier for students to get to know each other.

Read more about how LSE and LSESU are working together on programme review to diversity assessment and much more here.

Nicola Foster, Head of Programme Delivery, Department of Management 


Assessments can be challenging for students and staff, so it’s important to make processes involved as easy and straightforward as possible.

The changes that will be made over the next few years as part of the Assessment Service Change project will have a significant, positive impact on student experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what we will achieve in partnership with students.

Learn how the project team is collaborating with staff and students to design enhanced assessment processes and systems here.

Aman Gaur, School of Public Policy


As an SSLC representative, I’ve worked with LSE professors and staff to improve our programme's design and course curriculums in response to student feedback. It's exciting to collaborate with the LSE community to make changes that really benefit students.

SSLCs (Student-Staff Liaison Committees) are just one of the ways you can make your voice heard. Find out how you can share your feedback and make a difference to your School here



Supporting you

Fran Sassetti, Department of Government


The opportunity to create Course Finder with LSE is a highlight of my time at our School. My insights and experience helped to develop a tool that benefits the student community by helping them to pursue the academic interests they’re really passionate about.

Access Course Finder here to find out more about how it can help you.

Raghada Abdelhamied, Department of Media and Communications


LSE LIFE advisors are my superheroes. It’s a haven for students where they feel taken care of, understood and supported. I had so much fun learning in LIFE’s workshops, one-to-ones and seminars.

I have learned something valuable from each one of the team and they have all helped me take charge of my own learning and development – both academically and personally.

LSE LIFE offers academic support as well as space to dicuss ideas with the LSE learning community. 

Lydia Halls, Communications and Orientation Officer, Student Services Centre


The Off Campus Support Scheme connects new undergraduate students not living in School accommodation with the LSE community. It is coordinated by the Student Services Centre, but our volunteer student mentors make the real contribution. We work with mentors to provide support and they dedicate their time, knowledge and enthusiasm to help new students feel part of LSE.

The Off-Campus Support Scheme is just one of the ways the Student Services Centre provides support for students. Visit them for help with everything from general enquires and transcript requests to advice about visas and fees.

William Stein, Department of Geography


There are two types of people in this world. Those who complain about things and those who change things. Only through perseverance, patience and working in partnership with my Department was I able to lead change, creating the first ever Geography Ball last year. I think others should work with departments in the same way.

Discover the types of educational funding available to support the development and delivery of educational activity at the School.

Pete Evanson, School Senior Advocate for Students


A crucial part of my role is to advocate for students by working with people from across our School – including colleagues from LSE and the SU, as well as students themselves – to identify areas for improvement, development and greater student support. I enjoy working with the LSE community to implement changes that enhance students’ experience and their sense of belonging to LSE.

The School Senior Advocate for Students, Dr Pete Evanson, can provide advice and guidance on a range of pastoral and academic issues. Find out more about this and other types of support available to you here.

Claire Hooi, Department of Law


Being both a Student Ambassador and Mentor at LSE has been one of the best things about my time at university. Learning about some of the challenges that students face, raising their aspirations and sharing their joy when they make it to amazing universities has made me more passionate than ever about social missions and inequality.

The Widening Participation team works with young people from under-represented backgrounds in London state schools to raise their aspirations and attainment. Learn how you can become a LSE Student Ambassador, Mentor or Tutor here

Omiros Omirou, Department of Accounting

Omiros Omirou

LSE has a lot to offer its students in terms of personal and professional growth and opens doors for them to chase their dreams and fulfil their aspirations. I feel blessed to have had the privilege to be part of the LSE community for three years. Being an Academic and Career Mentor, a Peer Tutor and an SSLC representative during my time here, has allowed me to show my appreciation and give back to this community from which I’ve gained so much!

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