PhD Administrators Forum

for PhD Administrators and PhD Managers

Minutes, agendas and other papers are only available on a regular basis to committee members. If you are a staff member and want to request them, please contact the Chair, Rachel Yarham or email

If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request for them, contact the School's Records Manager, Rachael Maguire.

Terms of Reference

  • To provide a consultative forum in which the PhD Administrators are encouraged to consider and openly discuss any issues, trends, opportunities and developments of interest and concern in relation to matters encompassing Academic Departments/Centres.
  • To consider School-wide strategic matters and feed into relevant School committees and fora as appropriate.
  • To provide a forum for sharing best practice amongst PhD Administrators.
  • To develop proposals on the above, as necessary, and refer these to appropriate bodies within the School such as the PhD Academy, the Financial Support Office (FSO) and the Graduate Admissions Office (GAO).

Mode of operation

  • To meet once per term.
  • To provide items for the agenda to the Chair at least two weeks’ prior to the meeting.
  • To review Terms of Reference on an annual basis at the Michaelmas Term meeting.
  • The Chair will remain a permanent post. Expressions of interest for the role of Co-Chair(s) amongst forum members will be invited every two years.
  • To distribute the minutes of the meeting to the Pro-Director of Research, the PhD Deputy Director and to others as appropriate.
  • To invite guest speakers from the GAO, the FSO, the PhD Academy and LSE Careers in the Michaelmas Term to provide the forum with an update on PhD-related matters.
  • To use the Summer Term meeting for interactive sessions relating to pertinent PhD student and Administrator issues.
  • To set up and establish working groups on PhD related areas with the aim of submitting the forums views to the relevant School body.


The PhD Administrators in every Academic Department and Research Centre:

Accounting – Rebecca Baker
Anthropology – Yanina Hinrinchsen
Economics – Mark Wilbor
Economic History- Loraine Long
European Institute – Florence Samuels
Finance – Mary Comben
Gender Institute – Hazel Johnstone
Geography & Environment – Peter Mills (Co-Chair, term of office 2 years)
Government – Emily Metcalf
Health Policy – Lydia Hatton Baldwin
International Development – Nina Craven
International History – Nayna Bhatti
International Relations – Sarah Hélias (Co-Chair, term of office 2 years)
Law – Rachel Yarham (Founding Chair, no length of office)
Management – Emma Ward
Mathematics – Enfale Farooq
Media & Communications – Leo Beattie
Methodology – Sam Scott (Co-Chair, term of office 2 years)
Philosophy – Andrea Pawley
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences – Rebecca Lee
(Co-Chair, term of office 2 years)
Social Policy – Abi Black
Sociology – Abi Black (interim) 
Statistics – Penny Montague

Regular attendees as agreed by the Forum:

Pro-Director for Research – Simon Hix
PhD Academy Director  - Rita Astuti
PhD Academy Deputy Director – Marcus Cerny
Chair of Research Degrees Sub-Committee- Max Schulze
PhD Careers Advisor – Catherine Reynolds
Graduate Admissions Manager – Bryan Pilkington
Financial Support Manager – Sue Plater/ Rose Harris

Scheduled meetings

Wednesday 13 November 2019
Good practice workshop - Salesforce and Admissions
10.00-11.00  PhD Academy
PhD Admin Forum
11.00-12.00  PhD Academy

Thursday 30 January 2020
Good practice workshop- Thinking about doing a PhD session
10.30-12.00  PhD Academy

Contact and terms of office

Founding Chair: Rachel Yarham
Co-Chair(s): Sarah Hélias, Rebecca Lee, Peter Mills and Sam Scott

The Founding Chair remains in post.
Co-Chairs, of which there are two, remain in post for two years or longer if there are no volunteers to take over from them and they wish to stay on.

Members should be available to play a full role on the Forum during their term of office – i.e. through a commitment to attend three scheduled meetings (one per term) and to contribute to any Forum/Committee business outside of meetings.