Gokhan Ciflikli

Senior Data Scientist at Attest
PhD in International Relations

Gokan Ciflikli_747x560

Gokhan is a computational social scientist by training. He is currently a senior data scientist at Attest, a London tech start-up looking to disrupt the market research space. Gokhan holds a PhD in International Relations from the LSE and has gained additional research experience both during the PhD and at post-doctoral level in various research positions at LSE, UCL and Uppsala University. He was motivated in his switch from academia to industry by his interest to work on more practical projects involving fast delivery, quick feedback, and tangible impact.

In his current role at Attest, Gokhan develops machine learning pipelines to detect fraudulent answers and behaviours using theoretical and methodological frameworks from fields such as economics, psychology, and statistics.

Gokhan can share his expertise in:

  • Translating one’s research skills and expertise to businesses
  • Building a portfolio career straddling academia and business
  • Transitioning from a PhD/post-doc into business/industry roles
  • Using one’s social science training as an asset in data science interviews
  • “Rebranding” one’s academic training for industry roles