Research-to-Business Mentors

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Ana Barjasic_300x400

Ana Barjasic  

Founder and CEO of Connectology

PhD candidate in Behavioural Science

Gokan Ciflikli_300x400

Gokhan Ciflikli 

Senior Data Scientist at Attest

PhD in International Relations 

Davide Contu_300x400

Davide Contu 

Faculty at the Canadian University Dubai, Faculty of Management

PhD in Environmental Economics and Advanced Quantitative Methods 

Alex Edwards_300x400

Alex Edwards 

Team Leader at Bulb

PhD in Environmental Studies (King’s College London) 

Ruth Fortmann_300x400

Ruth Fortmann 

Data Scientist at Faculty

PhD in Economics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, LSE) 

Inna Grinis_300x400

Inna Grinis 

Senior Data Scientist at RavenPack

PhD in Economics 

Tamara Hale_300x400

Tamara Hale 

Research Strategy Manager at Workday

PhD in Anthropology 

Yohan Iddawela_300x400

Yohan Iddawela 

Co-Founder of Lanterne (Crowdless)

PhD candidate in Economic Geography 

Emilio Lastra-Gil_300x400

Emilio Lastra-Gil 

Strategic Business Analyst at Radioactive Waste Management

PhD in Management (Information Systems and Innovation) 

Cecile McGrath_300x400

Cecile Hoareau McGrath 

Managing Consultant at ICF

PhD in Government

Désirée Remmert_300x400

Désirée Remmert 

AI Research and Project Manager at Big Innovation Centre

PhD in Anthropology 


Lisa Whitelaw 

Organisational Development and Innovation Specialist at Thales

PhD in Organisational and Social Psychology 

Teresa Whitney_300x400

Teresa Whitney 

Workplace Design & Change Manager at GSK

PhD in Social Psychology 

Nicolas Wüthrich_300x400

Nicolas Wüthrich 

Project Manager at Roland Berger

PhD in Philosophy 

Zhong Zhong Chen_300x400

Zhong Zhong Chen 

Project Leader at BCG

PhD in International History