Putting Students First

LSE is committed to putting students first so that your time at LSE is the best it can be.

After listening to students, we are taking action to enhance your education and student experience, the top priorities for LSE’s Director and the School.

Find out more below about what we have done to improve and what we’re planning to do in the future to put students first. 


  • We are now diversifying assessment across all departments.

  • We have redeveloped the lower ground floor of the Library. There are extra study spaces, new computers, additional power sockets, and flexible working areas so that you can study in a way that suits you.

  • We have strengthened our academic support, increasing contact time between third year undergraduates and your advisors.


  • We are developing the LSE Student Hub, a digital app to join up your day-to-day activities, so that you can find out all that the School has to offer and connect with others in the community.

  • We have redesigned Moodle, our virtual learning platform, to provide you with improved academic resources to support your studies.

  • We are committed to delivering final results on time.


  • We have created a learning community through LSE LIFE, a place where you can get one-to-one academic support and connect with others to enhance your development. Choose from over 350 workshops, talks, and sessions.

  • We have created Course Finder, a new online tool to make course selection easier.

  • You have a voice at LSE. Tell us how we can enhance your experiences through forums, surveys, focus groups, Student Staff Liaison Committees, and Comments, Compliments and Concerns postboxes now across campus.