Staying connected while studying and working remotely

A simple message can go a long way, especially if you think somebody is finding things difficult.

Connecting with others digitally can support your wellbeing and mental health during periods of isolation. With teaching and assessment moving online and the School transitioning to flexible working wherever possible, here are some tips for staying in touch with LSE, your friends and colleagues.  

1. Arrange virtual meetings or study groups using video calling software such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype or Facetime. When you’re working or studying remotely, it can sometimes feel like you’re facing things alone. Group calls can really boost your motivation, as they provide an opportunity to talk through problems or ideas and get another perspective. 

2. ‘How are you doing today?’ Send your friends or colleagues a quick message to check they’re okay. When we’re away from class or the office, we often don’t realise how much we value those small social interactions in the kitchen or outside the lecture theatre. A simple message can go a long way, especially if you think somebody is finding things difficult. Team leaders should organise frequent check-ins with colleagues who are working from home to make sure they’re doing okay. 

3. Keep up-to-date with your LSE community by checking LSE newsletters and social media: 

  • Student News – news and opportunities for LSE students, published every Wednesday afternoon during term time. 

  • Staff News – news and opportunities for all LSE colleagues, published every Thursday afternoon during term time and fortnightly during the holidays. 

  • @LSEnews on Twitter – the latest news and research from LSE 

  • @londonschoolofeconomics on Instagram – photos and stories celebrating our community. Use #partofLSE to show how you’re staying connected even if you’re not on campus - whether that’s Skyping your friends, remote working or a throwback image.

  • LSE Student Hub – students can get updates from LSE and your department from your phone or desktop. You can also create groups with friends – this might be a good way to keep in touch with peers who can’t access apps like Facebook in their home country.

We’re monitoring the situation closely and keeping our community informed with regular updates from LSEmail. Please check your emails to ensure these are arriving in your main inbox, and not a ‘clutter’ or ‘other’ folder. If you’re concerned about the coronavirus situation, please see our dedicated FAQs page which is reviewed daily.