Student Ambassadors

We believe that knowledge should extend beyond the classroom
Photo collage of the student ambassadors on a red background
Meet the 2021 LSE Student Futures Ambassadors!

"This year has been an exception and a new endeavor for all of us. The challenges that our School community have faced are unlike anything we've experienced before. As 2021 Student Futures Ambassadors, we want to help put the focus back on you and your future. We'll be bringing you tips, resources and opportunities from across LSE to help you take part in transformational learning experiences, develop transferrable skills, and empower you to make an impact. 

We believe that knowledge should extend beyond the classroom, and there are plenty of opportunities at LSE outside your course to support your academic and professional future. Our aim is to help you access those opportunities, so you can make the most out of your time at LSE!

We're all students first, and together we're working on resources that will make a difference, including new platforms to share student thinking, and ways to connect with you through blogs, newsletters and social media. 

As well as sharing different ways of approaching your future plans, we hope to build a sense of belonging to our LSE community, and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas. We hope to see you at our networking and collaboration events during Lent and Summer Term!"

Arshee - Department of Management

Gabbie - Department of Sociology

Isolde - Department of Social Policy

Kaiser - Department of International Relations

Carolina - Department of International Development

Brendan - Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

Tallulah - Department of Government

Ha Chau - Department of Social Policy

Karla - Department of Government

Shruti - Department of Statistics

Anya - Department of International History

Ryan - Department of Media and Communications

Dowon - Department of International History

Maisie - Department of Geography and Environment

Kate - Department of Sociology

Westri - Department of Accounting