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Student mental health and wellbeing programme

It's very much a 'you're not alone' type feeling you get from the workshop, which as a first-year student, is perfect.

Remi, student

 A handwritten quote saying 'Highly recommend! Don't shy away from this'

Knowing how to look after your mental health and wellbeing is an important part of university life. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mind, the leading mental health charity, to deliver their Mentally Healthy Universities programme.

The programme offers a range of workshops, all delivered by experienced mental health trainers.

All of the sessions create spaces for students to discuss and learn about mental health with peers, share experiences and knowledge, and break down stigma.

What's on this term?

Wellbeing 101 - Looking after your Mental Health at LSE - sign up now!

Whether you are a new or returning student (undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral candidate), this one-hour workshop will equip you with information and useful tools to help you look after your wellbeing whilst at LSE – a crucial part of thriving in your studies and enjoying life on campus!

Created and facilitated by training professionals at Mind, the UK mental health charity, Wellbeing 101 focuses on:

  • What mental health and wellbeing are, and how they vary
  • How to recognise mental health difficulties in yourself and others
  • Information on where to access support if you need it
  • Practical tips and tools to support your welllbeing day-to-day


Sessions take place online or face-to-face at various times throughout Michaelmas Term. Book your space on Eventbrite via the links below.


Online sessions - sign up

Face to face sessions - sign up

Lunch and Learn Wellbeing Sessions - sign up now!

Looking for a midday boost to aid your productivity? Join our bite-sized online sessions focusing on wellbeing and mental health. These 30-minute lectures will take place each Thursday during Michaelmas Term (aside from Week 6, LSE reading week).

Facilitated by professional trainers from Mind, the UK mental health charity, all students are welcome to join any number of the sessions in the programme.

  • Week 1 (30th Sept): Connect – Reaching out to others, importance of friendships & connections 
  • Week 2 (7th Oct): Take notice – Being in the moment, appreciating life 
  • Week 3 (14th Oct): Give - Being kind, helping your community 
  • Week 4 (21st Oct): Be active – Looking at the links between good mental & physical health
  • Week 5 (28th Oct): Keep learning – Building your self-esteem, learning a new skill
  • Week 6 (LSE Reading Week)
  • Week 7 (11th Nov): Sleep – Importance of good sleep hygiene, building up good sleep habits
  • Week 8 (18th Nov): Frustration & anger – Understanding anger, managing frustration
  • Week 9 (25th Nov): Food & mood – Understanding our relationship with food, changing behaviours
  • Week 10 (2nd Dec): Digital resilience – building a healthy relationship with technology   

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... This course really made me realise that everyone seems to have some stress in their lives, and it's not because I'm not strong enough.

Max, student

Resilience in the Workplace - sign up now!

In this one-hour workshop, learn key skills in managing your mental health and wellbeing at work. 

University has a big role to play in preparing you to thrive in the future. Join professional facilitators from Mind, the UK mental health charity, for a session that focuses on: 

  • How mental health can affect, and be affected by, our work
  • Techniques to encourage positive mental wellbeing working either face-to-face or remotely
  • Where to seek support for your mental health
  • The rights of employees in the workplace
  • How to use a Wellness Action Plan as a foundation for workplace resilience
  • Sharing tips and experiences with peers


Sessions take place online or face-to-face at various times throughout Michaelmas Term. Book your space on Eventbrite via the link below.

 Online sessions - sign up

 Face to face sessions - sign up


Intersectional Inequalities and Mental Health 

Many of us experience intersecting forms of stigma and marginalisation because of our background, experience, personhood and/or characteristics – and this can have a significant impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

All students are welcome to join Mind’s professional trainers for an online psycho-educational session that explores the impact of minority stress and specific challenges that individuals and groups in the LSE community may face.

Workshops will focus on:

  • specific challenges for marginalised groups and individuals;
  • the impact of minority stress on wellbeing and mental health; and
  • where to find support and information.

In these stand-alone one-hour sessions, attendees will also be encouraged to contribute to the conversation and share their thoughts and experiences, should they feel comfortable to do so.


There will be four sessions taking place across Michaelmas and Lent Terms:

  • The LGBTQIA+ Community - Wednesday 17th November 2021, 1pm-2pm
  • Women at LSE - Wednesday 1st December 2021, 1pm-2pm
  • Special Abilities (physical and neuro) - Thursday 17th February 2022, 4pm-5pm
  • Cultural Isolation (looking at diversity, racial and religious discrimination) - Thursday 3rd March 2022, 4pm-5pm

 Book your space on Eventbrite via the link below.

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 Are the workshops right for me?

The Mentally Healthy Universities Programme aims to prevent poor mental health and wellbeing by helping you to look after yourself during your studies and into the workplace, and to know what support is available should you need it. The sessions are not a replacement for 1-1 support. If you are already experiencing high levels of distress and you think you might need help, please visit the Student Wellbeing webpages for information on support including counselling, peer support and what to do in an emergency.

Questions? Please contact Project Coordinator Robin at


I learned that it's okay not to be okay and it's okay to put myself first