Inclusion Plans

Your inclusion plan will enable staff to make necessary adjustments

Inclusion Plans (IPs) are LSE’s system of recording the adjustments and support which are deemed necessary to meet the needs of a disabled student. It is a document tailored to your individual circumstances and needs, and outlines the reasonable adjustments which the School will put in place to support your study.

Your IP is based on formal medical evidence and completed in collaboration with you. We will work with you to establish how best we can provide appropriate support.

With your permission, your IP will be sent to teaching and other relevant staff on a need-to-know basis, allowing for them to make the necessary adjustments.

How to get an IP

To get an IP you will need to liaise with one of our disability or mental health advisers to discuss how your disability affects your studies. Through this conversation we will draw up your IP based on your individual needs and preference, together with the medical evidence you provide, and wider School policies and regulations. 

Before you talk to an adviser it may be helpful to do the following:

  • Think about the ways in which your condition has impacted on your studies in the past.
  • Make a list of the support you have had during previous studying experiences – what has worked well and what not so well?
  • Find out as much as possible as about the modes of study and assessment your course will involve, and think about whether you may require any particular support or adjustments.

We will also give you advice and information about other support available at LSE.

Who will get a copy of my IP?

When you meet with an adviser we will agree with you who needs to receive your IP, and it will only be circulated to the people that you want to see it. It is important to remember however, that the people involved in your learning need to see your IP in order to know what adjustments to make for you. If you choose to limit its circulation, this will affect the support and adjustments the School is able to provide.

Confidentiality is an important part of how we work, and any information which you provide is held by in the strictest confidence and will only be shared with staff outside of the Student Wellbeing Service on a need-to-know basis with your prior consent. The only exception is where the withholding of information poses a significant risk of harm to yourself or others. For full details, please see our Policy, Procedures and Confidentiality page.

No record of your disability or Inclusion Plan appears on transcripts or degree certificates.

Can my IP be reviewed if it isn’t meeting my needs?

You may review and amend your IP at any point during your course if your circumstances change or if any disability-related difficulties occur. However, you may be required to provide additional medical evidence. If you would like to review your current IP please feel free to contact your adviser directly. 


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