Due to the current coronavirus situation we are currently only offering online appointments for January 2022 - further updates will be posted on this page. 


Need support?

For mental health & wellbeing support, please complete the form below. Our team will contact you to offer you a Wellbeing appointment via your university email.   

During your Wellbeing appointment we will ask you a few questions about how you are feeling and any issues you are experiencing. At the end of the meteing we will make a recommendation as to which support service will best suit your needs. Our service offers a range of support including one-to-one support, groups, workshops, online resources, and onward referrals to other LSE & external services.  

In addition, you will be provided with a Student Wellbeing Toolkit to further support your wellbeing. This will include reflective activities, information and signposting. 

Appointments are up to 30 minutes long and conducted via Zoom. 


Complete the Wellbeing form

Wellbeing appointment form

Thank you for completing our Wellbeing form. Please check your LSE email account for your appointment details - this may take a couple of days.

  • Your details
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  • Name
  • Reason for seeking support
  • Please chose from the list below - select all that are relevant to you
  • Your wellbeing
    Below are some statements about your wellbeing. Please select the answer that best describes your experience of each over the last two weeks.
  • I have had thoughts of hurting myself and others
  • I am having thoughts of suicide
  • I have made plans to end my life
  • I am using alcohol and/or recreational drugs to cope with my difficulties
  • Your availability
    Please select all the times that you’re available for an appointment - please indicate as many as possible as this will help us to get you an appointment sooner
  • Mondays
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  • How did you hear about us?
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Prepare for your online appointment by:

  • Ensruing you're in a quiet and private location.  
  • Limiting distractions. This includes digital disturbances, and other people in your location interrupting your sessions.  
  • Using a desktop or laptop/tablet with strong Wi-Fi connection, properly charged to have power for the duration of the session.  
  • Remembering that if the internet connection is problematic, or becomes problematic, it may be necessary to terminate the session and re-schedule.   

Here are some further resources you may find useful in the meantime:


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