Students who wish to access mental health and wellbeing support should complete the Wellbeing form below. Our team will contact you to offer you a Wellbeing appointment via your LSE email address.   

During your Wellbeing appointment we will ask you a few questions about how you are feeling and any issues you are experiencing.  We will discuss what would be most useful to you, including: one-to-one support, groups, workshops, online resources, self care strategies and referrals to other LSE & external services.  

Appointments are up to 30 minutes long and are available via Zoom and in person.

Complete the Wellbeing form

Wellbeing appointment form

Thank you for completing our Wellbeing form. Please check your LSE email account for your appointment details - this may take a couple of days.

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  • Your wellbeing
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  • In the last two weeks I have had thoughts of hurting myself and/or others
  • In the last two weeks I've had suicidal thoughts
  • In the last two weeks I have made plans to end my life
  • In the last two weeks I have used alcohol and/or recreational drugs to cope with my difficulties
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What happens at a Wellbeing Appointment

At your Wellbeing Appointment you’ll meet with a Wellbeing Adviser to talk about your current situation. During this 30-minute appointment we will discuss what would be most useful to you, including: 

  • Workshops & groups: Develop new skills and coping techniques to allow you to get the most from your academic studies and enjoy your LSE experience.
  • Self- care strategies: Identify practical strategies for looking after your mental health and wellbeing. These could include reflective journalling, goal setting, breathing techniques & mindfulness.  
  • Referral to LSE Student Counselling Service: Talk in confidence with a trained professional about anything in your life which is impacting your psychological wellbeing and daily life. Our counsellors work with you to reflect on whatever you are finding difficult and to identify healthier strategies to manage. Find out more about the Student Counselling Service.
  • Support from a Disability Adviser or Mental Health Adviser: For confidential advice and support for students with disabilities and mental health conditions. Find out more about the Disability & Wellbeing Service
  • Peer Support: Meet with trained student volunteers who can offer support, give a fresh perspective and listen to whatever is troubling you, from academic stresses to relationships. Find out more about Peer Support.
  • Signposting to LSE services: Including Student Services CentreLSE LifeCareersFaith CentreStudents UnionFinancial Support Office and more.  
  • Wellbeing Toolkit: We will also provide you with a Wellbeing Toolkit, and additional wellbeing resources that might be useful to you. 

Prepare for your online appointment by:

  • Ensuring you're in a quiet and private location
  • Limiting distractions - this includes digital disturbances, and other people in your location interrupting your sessions
  • Using a desktop or laptop/tablet with strong Wi-Fi connection, properly charged to have power for the duration of the session  
  • Remembering that if the internet connection is problematic, or becomes problematic, it may be necessary to terminate the session and re-schedule

 Here are some further resources you may find useful in the meantime:

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