Degree Certificates

Your degree certificate shows your full name, level, programme and classification

At the end of your degree you will be issued with a Degree Certificate which is offical, formal, confirmation of your award. Degree certificates are sometimes knows as diplomas. 

Obtaining your degree certificate

There are three ways in which you can obtain your degree certificate

1 - Collect your certificate during graduation

During graduation taught students can collect degree certificates from the Vera Anstey Room.

In line with the traditions of LSE your certificate will not be given to you during the ceremony itself, you need to collect it separately. You do not need your certificate for the ceremony.

In July 2018, certificate collection will be open 

  • Wednesday 11 July - 11:00am to 7:00pm
  • Thursday 12 July - 9:30am to 7:00pm
  • Friday 13 July - 9:30am to 7:00pm

You can collect your certificate on any of the days above, it does not need to be the same day as your ceremony. If you are collecting your certificate on the same day as your ceremony, we would recomend that you do so after your ceremony to avoid it getting damaged in the theatre.

The Vera Anstey Room can be accessed from the Old Building Main Entrance (onto Houghton Street). You will need to take the stairs next to the lift.

When you collect your certificate you will need to show us your LSE Card and tell us the title of your programme. If you do not have your LSE card please bring a national ID card, passport or driving licence instead.

PhD students should collect their certificates from the PhD Academy.

During the cermeonies you must collect your certificate yourself. It is not possible for other people to collect certificates on your behalf.

2 - Have your certificate sent by secure courier

If your certificate is not collected it will be sent to you within six weeks, free of charge.

Your certificate will be sent to the permanent home address listed within LSE for You using DHL's secure courier service. It will need to be signed for on reciept. 

Please check that your home address, email address and phone number are all up to date in LSE for You  to make sure that DHL can arrange delivery.

The vast majority of certificates safely reach their destination no matter where in the world they are being sent to. However, if you have not recieved your certificate within eight weeks of your ceremony please submit an enquiry.  

For results released in July 2018 your certificate will leave LSE by 31 August 2018 and should have arrived by 14 September 2018.

3 - Arrange for a collection

In exceptional circumstances you can arrange for your certificate to be collected from the Student Services Centre once the ceremonies have ended. You can either collect your certificate yourself or arrange for somebody else to do this. 

The deadline for requesting collection of your degree certificate after the July 2018nceremonies has now passed. However, if you would still like to collect your certificate yourself we are happy to facilitate this providing we haven’t already posted your certificate.

It is no longer possible to arrange third party collections for certificates issued in July 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here we provide answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here please let us know!

Can somebody else collect my certificate for me?

During the ceremonies we are not able to release certificates to third parties, you must collect it yourself. 

If you cannot make your cermeony then we'd recomend that you have your certificate sent by secure courier (see option 2 above). The vast majority of certificates arrive at their desitnation safely and in good time. If you would prefer, you can however request that we hold that your certificate for collection by a third party by completing a short online form before the deadline.

The deadline for requesting collection of a degree certificate after the July 2018 ceremonies has now passed. If you are graduating after this please check back here closer to your results release for details of how to request a third party collection. 

If you have already requested third party collection please remember that whoever is collecting the certificate will need to show their own ID when collecting the certificate. You must not give them your LSE Card.

Do I need to take my certificate to my graduation ceremony?

No, you do not need your certificate for the ceremony and cannot take it on stage with you.

If possible, we recomend that you collect your certificate after the ceremony to avoid it getting lost of damaged. 

Can I get my certificate framed?

Tempest Photography offers a degree certificate framing service during the graduation ceremonies. They also offer an LSE degree certificate folder for those who are travelling abroad.

Please visit Ceremony Photography for information about locations and opening times.  

Can LSE provide me with a certified copy of my certificate?

To avoid fraud LSE does not issue copies of degree certificates. Instead you should request a transcript or confirmation of award letter.

If you need your award verifying please use the Higher Education Degree Data Check service.

If you need your physical certificate notarised, legalised or seen by an apostille you should contact either a solicitor, notary, apostille or your embassy as appropiate. LSE is not allowed to provide these services. 

If you never received your certificate or need a replacement 

Advice on how to obtain your certificate if it never arrived or has been lost or damaged.

Never Received

If you do not receive your degree certificate within eight weeks of your Graduation Ceremonies please first check the your address on LSE for You - this is where we will have sent the address to. If the address is correct please email submit an enquiry with your name and student number and we will investigate this for you.

Please do not contact us earlier than this because it is likely that your certificate will still be in transit and we cannot search the delivery system properly. If you urgently need a document confirming your degree please request a confirmation of award.


In exceptional circumstances you can make an application for a replacement degree certificate if your first copy has been lost or damaged. 

A statutory declaration must be completed  replacement degree certificate requests. A magistrate, commissioner for oaths or practising solicitor will be able to sign this declaration. If you live overseas the declaration can be witnessed and signed by the British Embassy or Consulate. If you have any questions about obtaining a statutory declaration please contact the Notaries Society.

If you were awarded in 2008 or later you should complete the Replacement Degree Certificate Request Form (which includes the declaration). Be sure to follow the instructions on the form carefully. 

If you were awarded before 2008 you certificate will have been issued by the University of London. To make an application for a replacement UoL degree certificate, please contact


  • PhD Students - Research students should contact the PhD Academy to make arrangements to collect their certificates.
  • MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Finance - The University of London produce certificates for MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Finance so they cannot be collected from LSE.
  • Students who started before 2007/8 - If you started your programme before the 2007/8 academic year you will have been issued with a degree certificate by the University of London. For queries regarding University of London degree certificates, please contact

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