Registration and Campus Enrolment

for new taught graduate students

How to register online, when and where to go for campus enrolment, and what to bring with you



The majority of new taught graduate students will be required to undertake a two-stage registration process in 2020, Online Registration and Campus Enrolment. 

Here you will find information about both processes and answers to frequently asked questions that you may have:

Online Registration

You will receive an email notification when it is time to register online for your programme.

At the end of the online registration process, you will be directed to activitate your student IT account and setup your LSE email account. Once you have completed online registration and setup your accounts, you will have full access to all online teaching and learning resources.

The online registration process will help to ensure that we have all the necessary and up to date information about you, including your current plans for arrival on campus, so that we can plan services and teaching for when you arrive. As part of the online registration process you will need to:

  • Check and update, if necessary, your addresses, emergency contact details and the monitoring information that you provided when you applied
  • Tell us whether you are currently planning to join us on campus in London at the start of term or whether you plan to start your studies online and then move to London later
  • Provide some additional information for the Careers Team – this is to help us better understand how we can best support you
  • Confirm your acceptance of the updated Conditions of Registration. These have been updated since you originally accepted your offer and now include additional statements related to our response to COVID-19 and online teaching
  • Download your Registration Pass that you can use on campus for temporary access when you first arrive.

Campus Enrolment

It is very important that you attend campus enrolment.

Campus enrolment takes place in-person and is where we will check your official documents, including passport and visa. 

Once you have completed campus enrolment, you will be issued your LSE Card, giving you access to campus and on-campus teaching and services.

When is campus enrolment?

The date and time of your programme's campus enrolment session can be found on the postgraduate Campus Enrolment Schedule.

Campus enrolment should take around one hour to complete but times do vary depending on how busy we get.

If you have not yet arrived on-campus, and are therefore unable to attend your programme's campus enrolment session, you will be able to book a campus enrolment slot during Michaelmas Term via the Student Hub. For more information, please visit Arriving during Michaelmas term.

Where is campus enrolment?

Campus enrolment for taught graduate students takes place in either the Hong Kong Theatre on the Ground Floor of Clement House, or the Student Services Centre atrium on the Ground Floor of the Old Building. Please check the Campus Enrolment Schedule for the location of your programme's campus enrolment session.

There will be signs and staff on hand to help you when you arrive.

To find out where your venue is located please visit Maps and Directions.

If you are arriving to campus during Michaelmas Term, please visit Arriving during Michaelmas term for more information. 

What do I bring to campus enrolment?

When you campus enrol we are legally required to check your eligibility to study in the UK. We do this by checking various documents. The documents you'll need vary depending on your nationality and visa (if applicable). If you do not bring the appropriate identification documents we will not be able to campus enrol you.

For details of what you need to bring with you please visit what to bring to campus enrolment.

In order to avoid delaying your campus enrolment, please ensure that you have submitted all required documents to Graduate Admissions in good time. 

Graduate Admissions will be available at campus enrolment to process any missing documents but it will slow your enrolment if you need to submit documents to them first. If you do have outstanding documents it would be sensible to bring copies with you. 

In accordance with UK Home Office requirements, the School is required to take a scan of ALL students' passports or national identity cards at campus enrolment.  

Can I campus enrol early?

You can only campus enrol before the beginning of term if you are taking part in pre-sessional teaching. This will be confirmed on your offer letter.

If you are not taking pre-sessional teaching, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to campus enrol you before the allocated time and date. 

If you are planning to arrive at LSE before the start of term then check out our dedicated Welcome website for information about a range of resources, activities, and events.