About HR & Payroll Transformation Programme


Developed under the HR Strategic Plan and in line with LSE 2030, the HR and Payroll Transformation Programme is working to deliver a strong HR & Payroll operations service that delivers an outstanding employee lifecycle experience to its users by end of 2024. 

The employee life cycle describes the entirety of an employee’s engagement with HR services, from recruiting and onboarding as a new member of staff, managing talent and grievances, through to leaving the School (staff offboarding).

Employee Lifecycle


Some of the benefits that the Programme will deliver include: 

  • Renewing the existing HR and Payroll system with a modernised platform with updated features and functions; 

  • Building a new, modern and fit-for-purpose eRecruitment system to improve recruitment campaigns; 

  • Delivering a ‘one-stop shop’ helpdesk for HR queries via a case management tool; and 

  • New data governance of HR data. 

The Projects & Workstreams

The Programme consists of three projects and three workstreams working to deliver an outstanding employee lifecycle experience to its users, and will be adaptable, secure and accessible by design. 

The projects will implement a new eRecruitment and HR and Payroll System, that will include an electronic employee file solution and additional functionality.

There will also be the design and delivery of an effective Service Desk to ensure simple and transparent HR and Payroll transactional services.

The Programme will harmonise the processes across the HR and Payroll operational service to enable efficient process redesign. The Process Redesign Workstream will simplify processes and is guided by eight design principles:


The Data Workstream will be the lynchpin of the programme where the quality and governance of data will be paramount in supporting the School to make key decisions.

The effective delivery of the programme will be supported by a new target operating model across HR and Payroll, aligning processes, technology and people, to make the employee lifecycle experience an excellent one.

Contact Us

Have a question or query about the Programme? Contact the HR & Payroll Programme team by emailing: hr.payroll.programme@lse.ac.uk