HRPTP Projects and Workstreams

A Closer Look at the Projects and Workstreams

HR and Payroll Project

The HR and Payroll project will renew the existing HR and Payroll system with a modernised platform with updated features and functions to support the desired future state of the HR and Payroll service offering.

The new system will automate critical business processes and act as a single source of truth for operational employee data, with the ability to service other key databases and systems (such as finance) to support the School in fulfilling its operational objectives. The new data framework will ensure compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and ultimately making the user experience an easy one.

The HR and Payroll Project encompasses core HR functionality to include the employee lifecycle (from onboarding onwards), contract management, case management, payroll, pensions, reports and  analytics.

eRecruitment Project

The eRecruitment project will replace the current eRecruitment system, Engage|ATS, with a  new, modern and fit-for-purpose platform.

Underpinned by simplified processes, the new eRecruitment system will support seamless administration and an intuitive applicant and recruiting manager experience. The eRecruitment system will seek to provide clear visibility to recruiting managers and the progress of their recruitment campaigns.

The eRecruitment project encompasses two subsections of the employee lifecycle - Attraction of Talent and Candidate Selection.  

Service Desk Project

The HR Service Desk Project will mark the move away from managing HR and Payroll enquiries from generic and personal inboxes and teams, to using a case management tool. This will provide the user with information of when the query has been received and where it is in the process.

The Service Desk will provide a one-stop solution for our users to ensure an effective HR operational service. Customers will raise enquiries directly through the helpdesk and no longer use email. 

Process Redesign Workstream

The Process Redesign Workstream seeks to simplify existing processes that underpin current the HR and Payroll system and eRecruitment system. The Workstream is taking a three-pronged approach:

  • Sprint 1 ‘As-Is’ workshops, where key stakeholders walk programme team members through the HR, Payroll  & e-Recruitment processes end-to-end, to validate the policies and discuss current challenges.
  • Sprint 2 ‘Could-be’ workshops where the programme team will propose how the processes can be re-designed and improved; and
  • Sprint 3 ‘To Be’ workshops where the Programme team will propose new, streamlined processes, which reduces variation and removes duplication.

Data Workstream

There is an increasing appetite to harness data across organisational boundaries and to achieve beneficial change for LSE in the management, use, and exploitation of School data.

Providing positive, seamless experiences now are a real possibility with the capability of modern systems available on the market.

New technology provides automated movement of data or easy conversion of data to management information, providing users with more real time information to assist in their priorities.

The Data Workstream is working to deliver new data governance of HR data to underpin new systems that meet the needs of the user while avoiding  complexity as much as possible.

This workstream will be informed by the change activities coordinated and managed by the LSE Data Programme, and will support the future states described by the LSE Data Strategy and Technology Strategy and principles for Integration and Data Standards.

Continuous Improvement Workstream

Given the large programme of work, the HR and Payroll programme will span to 2024 and it is likely that it will take at least two years before tangible benefits will be noticed.

In the meantime, there are a significant  number of improvements that can be made to address some of identified pain points that are not reliant on a new HR and Payroll system. 

Resourced from our HR and Payroll teams, the Continuous Improvement Workstream is working to address some paint points currently experienced by users and administrators of the existing HR system and to recommend operational improvements.